Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mummy Mummy.....I just moved in to a new house...

 I finally moved in to a new place after two odd months in a backpackers alike budget accommodation which is not so budget at all. My new place, twin oaks cottage is much cheaper goes at only NZD50 per week before the utilities bill. Most importantly with a great sense of family feeling and not a bloody backpackers where travelers come and go the next day.

A very Kiwi's cuddly cottage.

With magnificent view surrounding the neighborhood. A view that you will usually paying money for your resort to be located at.

A living room which is great for movie watching. We will be spending endless night on movies and the FIFA world cup is coming soon. Hopefully there will be live telecast on the Kiwi's national TV.

 The only drawback - bunk bed which is making a lot of noise.

 We start off our house warming with a steamboat in this bloody cold winter night.

There might be vandalism in the area ? as i noticed a car with chips and chicken bones on top. Or perhaps the Kiwis prefer to savor their fried chicken and chips on their car's roof.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Gothic Restaurant @ Motueka, New Zealand

The Gothic @ Motueka was once conducting mass services every Sunday just like any other ordinary church. But now it has been renovated into a restaurant with a Gothic theme and served as one of the fancy restaurant in the Tasman region.

I would expect more Gothic feel on their interior design. Apart from the menu which having a cross on, I don't sense any major element that it was a church before.

We opted for Seafood chowder as starter. This thickened creamy soup was heavenly. The best of its kind with a very generous amount of fish, prawns, crab slices and mussels. NZD 12.

The lady of the night ordered herself Beef Tee Bone steak with Kumara chips. Kumara refers to sweet potato in Maori. Kumara chips are rather common in New Zealand. It is widely served in restaurants and take aways. I find both the steak and chips to be dead cold. A turn off especially when you paid NZD 27.50 :(

The Gothic has stonegrill dining as their signature. And of course it will be the perfect choice for the man himself. I pampered myself a mixed grill @ NZD32. I was served with pieces of raw beef, lamb, pork and chicken each on a sizzling stonegrill. I choose beetroot chutney as the sauce to go with the meat. Pretty decent experience as you get to control how well the meat get to be done. The thick cut chips were excellent too,

And farewell to this special someone. All the best and may we meet again someday. Take good care.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Crossover Potluck - 08 May 2010

It was my 9th weeks of apples packing with K&Mclean packhouse. My hands are now officially numb, senseless and immune to the cut of the freaking boxes. That is how a man's hands suppose to be anyway, rough and tough.

With the apple packing season coming near to its end. We have to bid farewell almost every week. Luz, a hongkies from our accommodation and Jane, a Taiwanese of the other house are the lucky one this week. We all decided to throw a crossover potluck party at their place.

凉畔粉丝,a hit dish in every of our farewell. Have always been the favourite of all, but fail to impress tonight. Perhaps too much chilli ?

Hand Made Dumplings.

 My version of hand made dumplings. A twisted dumpling with a Xiao Long Bao looks.

Claypot chicken rice for those who miss home.

Soupy Bak Kut Teh from Agnes, the boss.

Lots of culinary goodness to satisfy gluttons like me.

Lots of which I know will only meet once in a life time. That's when people comes people goes.We share the happiness and fun together and we wish each other best of luck when bid farewell. Thanks god, there is facebook to keep in touch.

Some crazy moments.

And some lovely memories.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010



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