Sunday, November 28, 2010

Westports KL Dragons VS Air Asia Philippine Patriots - 96 VS 81

 The Dragons started off the game like a fire cracker, the boys were making nearly every baskets and force the visiting Air Asia Philippine Patriots to call for their first time out at 10-2. Our Pinoy import, Patrick Cabahug is a pure shooter he was hitting three points and fade away jump shots like nobody business. I must say I truly admire his down to earth on court performance. He never seems to get carry away and shows 100% professionalism. Patrick is now the most reliable points contributing machine in the team.

 When you are playing against a Pinoy side. You can almost certain that things on court will get physical. Few incidents occurred and thing turned ugly when a water bottle was thrown at one of the Patriots player from the fan. The Philippines take basketball as their pride. Their commitment on the game are undoubted.  The KL team were leading ever since the game tip-off. But the Patriots never gave up. Full court press from the Pinoy forced a lot of unwanted mistakes by the KL sides. The Dragons were even having the difficulty to move forward with the ball to half court. The strategy proved spot on for the Philippines as they started to cut off the gap. An instant time out from coach Goh brought on Rudy and the Dragons were on the court again with double points guards. This ensure smoother flow of  the Dragons force and yes !!!!!!!!!!
We managed to nail the game @ 96 to 81. Well done, KL Dragons. More consistence plays like these will ensure us a spot in the play off and the chance is bright that we might even push for the champion trophy this year.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Garden @ The Curve

I first spotted Garden in Wang Utama and I'm amazed by their garden themed deco. As its name suggested, this eatery brings a dining experience as if you are enjoying your meal in the garden. A rather fancy garden. It was their another outlet at the Curve that we decided to have our lunch today with a friend from Taiwan, Fran.

 Chicken Teriyaki with french beans and mash potatoes @ RM18.90. The sauce has nothing near to the real thing, it was rather just grilled chicken with sweet soy sauce perhaps. 

 Salted egg yolk fried rice @ RM15.90. The yolks are indeed tempting. With fair bit of this salted goodness on top, it does carry that extra kick to their rather plain fried rice.

 Spaghetti seaood Marinara @ RM18.90. Real tomato crushes were used together with mussel, clams and prawns. Not bad at all. Fair enough.
 Nasi Lemak @ RM15.90 for our Taiwanese Fran. Well, at least she is happy with our national dish.

 And yours truly grilled Barramundi @ RM18.90. Served with sauted vegs, mash potatoes and burned butter sauce. I find the taste of their food rather on the plain side. You are pretty much enjoying the nature taste of the ingredients instead of fancy flavoring.

Our desserts, lime flavour jelly cheese cake and chocolate cheese cake with black sesame were top notch.I really enjoy these two tiny piece of cakes. Named as the Gardens and Luscious, thought little pricy @ RM8.90 per piece. I salute the creative taste of almond, black sesame and dark fine chocolates of the Luscious piece. While, the jelly based of the Gardens bring that unique texture of a non-baked cheese cake. Of course, awesome food will never complete without great company. Fran, enjoy your stay in Malaysia and safe flight to Australia. Have a great one yo.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Nakiea Miller, You are a beast in the paint @ KL Dragons 85 - Satria Muda Britama 72

Westports KL Dragons was having their last encounter of the regular season with Indonesia Satria Muda Britama last night. This was an ESPN live broadcast match. The whole MABA stadium was equipped with heavy media broadcasting equipment. Both our American imports, Nakiea Miller & Alex Hartman were with SMB last season. So it will be interesting to see how the Indonesian team cope with them. Both the imports started off pretty shaky, with Hartman losing his three points magic. And the Dragons end the first half with points behind.

 However, talks from Coach Goh in the rest room certainly does work well. The dragons fought back with Rudy's inspiration and Nakaie Miller managed to find his touch and finish off with a double-double. 31 points and 28 rebounds. KL Dragons secured the final score with 85-72. Kudos to the boys. It was a happy ending in the stadium with the fans leaving the court in a joyful atmosphere.

This ex-Sacramento Kings player, Nakiea Miller has certainly got some character. He seems to express himself pretty well on the court. Well, you can take this as a form of self-motivation and it does work well as he secured a double double stats. He was a beast in the paint nailing almost every rebounds. Which I reckon was crucial to our win last night. Keep it up yo !

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A little pressie for myself....

Just got myself a Casio watch tonight. I have never been a fan of watch. I just don't fancy to have a piece of metal on my wrist. I guess at times, you do need that piece of metal not only to tell your the time but to bump up your image as a working profession. That's when I decided to splash a little bit of cash on this babe. I find Casio to be rather affordable yet dependable. Nowadays, you can't really find a decent men watch for less than RM200. So I guess I'm very satisfied to take this as a present for myself before getting back on working life again.^^

San Jian Chuang Pork Ball Noodles + Dry Curry Mee @ Aman Suria

I will like to think that I find a new obsession. San Jian Chuang pork ball noodles @ Restoran AS Suria (a corner turn b4 sunway mas commercial center) is very reasonably addicting that I frequent 2-3 times a week. I rated it as reasonably addictive been because of the rather generous portion and affordable price, a large bowl goes at RM4.50. As any of the similar establish, you can opt for either dry or soup version. I ordered myself a dry kuey teow version this time. The bowl of kuey teow is heaped with flavourful mince meat, dry bean curd, chinese sausages and a separate bowl of pork balls soup. There are tons of "San Jian Chuang pork balls" around the town, this one certainly make up their mark as my favourite of its kind.

On the other hand, I dropped by Restoran Two Millions @ Aman Suria for breakfast this morning. Just as I was spoiled by choices, I found this stall selling Ipoh Hor Fun and Curry Mee. So I settled with dry curry hor fun + mee as my choice. It turned out to be served with "Siu Yok" on top and I'm rather happy with it. The noodles is prepared with dark soy sauce and curry gravy. Mixed it out and it forms a good blend of taste. You just cant go wrong with anything which is curry based. Priced @ RM5, the portion is rather small and I guess I will stick with my new obsession of pork ball noodles instead. 

Which one do you prefer ?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thanks God Its a Bloody Friday @ TGIF, Gardens Mid Valley

 Yes, it was a Friday indeed and we were at TGIF, Mid valley for Chia Yuan's birthday. This American food joint has always been flooded with foodies any days of the year. Rather similar to Chilis, TGIF served American style as well as tex-mex influence cuisine.

 Top left : Chicken, peppers & mushrooms @ RM27.90. As according to Liang & Louis, "It taste pretty good, but the portion shd have been bigger".

CY's Jack Daniel's Chicken + Shrimps @ RM36.90. 

Lindy's Sizzling chicken & cheese @ RM29.90.

Adelyn's Brownie Obssesion @ Rm13.90

Top both : My Jack Daniel Burger @ RM24.90. The Jack Daniel sauce provided is marvelous. A little to the sweet side but goes perfectly with the burger or even as a dip for the fries. I do not know if it is just a glamorous name or the real JD whiskey is the kick in the sauce. JD burger has meet all the fundamental of gourmet burger with its thick beef patties and fresh cut salads. The only drawback is their beef bacon, it has nothing similar to the real thing. Tough and taste like CNY dry meat. Something that you can skip if it can save you a couple bucks.

Bottom left : Kim's South west Maccaroni & cheese @Rm23.90

Elbrine's Chicken Finger BLT @ RM22.90

It seems TGIF has become the venue of the choice for birthday celebration. The good old Happy Birthday song flowing for at least six times during our mere three hours there. Their staffs do certainly have their own customized way to make the celebration a little memorable such as getting the birthday boy to stand on the chair for his birthday wish. Anyway, Happy Birthday CY aka B4.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to become a Gangster ? Open Vacancy

Secret society exists ever since the day human being started defining between the poor and the rich. Botak Chin and Kalimuthu were two of the infamous notorious gangster of their time in Malaysia. They were both claimed to use Siamese "bomoh" black magic to survive from numerous Police rampage. They were the cult figure of the under world but Robin Hood to many of the poor. They were known to help the poor with part of their spoils. Yeah, black and white is only separate by a mere border line. Does the grey zone exist ? You set your own parameter, your own standard.

So if you are driven to be a gangster, or rather a Robin Hood like the lates. These will be the criteria a.k.a Jobs Scopes.

1) Should be daring and willing to fight anyone. (minimum 1 years experience)
2) Should handle weapons diligently. (knowledge on knifes, parangs and short guns are essential)
3) Should have been locked up in jail at least once.
4) Have a few marks and sign of stitches in a visible place in their body(To mark that they have been in a few fights)
5) Possed own transport and willing to travel to any school to fight.
6) Willing to fight extra hours just to protect the field.
7) Should be able to speak vulgar words fluently in English, knowledge in vulgar words in other language such as Chinese, Malay and Tamil will be an added advantage.

Interested candidates are invited to APPLY ONLINE submitting a detailed resume together with current and expected salary.

(Only shortlisted candidates will be notified)

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Char Siew Wantan Mee @ Famous Seremban, Aman Suria

So instead of the usual signature Hakka Mee @ Famous Seremban Restaurant,  I opted for their Wantan Mee with Char Siew this morning. The Char Siew is still as marvelous. Half fat half lean, perfect combination. They are still in fact the leading BBQ pork establishment in this "Char Siew Street" of Aman Suria. It just that I'm never a fan of a Hong Kong style Wantan Mee. I often find the dish over indulge by the taste of the dark soy sauce. This one makes no different as well. Perhaps the only light up point is that the noodles is springy as how it suppose to be and you are complement by two tiny Wantan in the soup. Hakka Mee is still my fav as it seems to be the closest to Kampua back home. Anyway a large Char Siew Wantan goes @ RM5.30 and is a dollar cheaper than the large Char Siew Hakka version.


Saturday, November 06, 2010

Isnt Julie Woon hot & spicy ?

The Quickie on 8TV last night was featuring Prem and this lady, Julie Woon as hosts. Since it was Deepavali night, the topic was none other than the festival of lights itself. Prem has been my favourite DJ on FLY fm rush hour. Anyway, Julie was little annoying that she kept on doing the Indian head shake(head bobble) as it was the Deepavali. Wouldn't it be a little discriminating ? No doubt, Julie Woon is one hell of a hot chick. I googled her this morning and to my surprise she actually have a lot of explosive photos online. Hmm.....quite scandalous for a public figure like her.

It has been two weeks since I came back from NZ. I'm busy with job hunting, interviewing and eating. Hopefully good fortune will arrive next week as how Deepavali is going to bring a series of light to bright up my future. I miss those deep blue sky of NZ and the laid back-ness so so much. Malaysian's sky seems to be a little too cloudy or perhaps hazy in a point that I cannot see the blue. The colour of sky can very much define my mood though just as how a bad weather can lead moody mode. Anyway, have a lovely weekend ahead.

Happy Diwali ^^

Monday, November 01, 2010

The Old School - Restorant Sang Kee @ Lorong Yap Ah Loy, KL

Restaurant Sang Kee is an old school Cantonese style eatery that said to be around for more than 50 years now. It carries a lot of memories of  many KLITES, who grown up in this area. It was my buddy, Chia Yuan nostalgic memories that brought us here for lunch. This dude was attending his high school near by. He will be the perfect person to follow when comes to eateries around Petaling street area. The location of this restaurant is so hidden that literally no outsiders can find the place. It is off Lorong Yap Ah Loy not that far from Petaling street and just a stone's throw away from MABA stadium. Old school eatery does not seems to operate based on today's business strategy of, to be location wise. They are simply good enough to just survive on the words of mouth instead. 

 My Prawn fried rice with pretty decent amount of fresh huge prawns. 

Tony's 上汤绘饭(Soup on rice) with plenty of ingredients such as pork slices and mixed vegs. 

CY's sweet & sour pork ribs with rice.

生江豆腐(Fried TaoFu over egg sauce). As according to CY, this dish reflects Cantonese culinary of having eggy gravy over fried TaoFu, mixed vegs, squid pieces and pork intestines. The same method  implemented in "Kong Fu Chaow" Cantonese fried.

My favourite of the day though, was the "Steam 3 kinds egg". The used of salted egg and century egg have both enhance and flourish this rather simple dish. Very flavourful to go with white rice. For the source of Vitamin C, we ordered another combination dish of vegetables namely, spinach, kangkung(watercrest) and sweet potato leafs fried with dried prawns. Taste wise, I find most of the dishes rather light and very much depends on the original taste of the ingredients used. Perhaps this is the authentic 古早味 (old school taste) which does not involve much use of artificial flavouring.

Restaurant Sang kee had been featured in an episode of <阿贤人情味>. Apparently their signature dishes include, sweet & sour pork and Sang Har Meen (Fresh prawn noodles). Which I would have order if I know it ealier. Well, maybe not the Sang Har Meen as the price might cause a bomb @ RM40 for two Sang Har. Our bills goes at RM54.50 for the 3 of us. Could have been cheaper if we order just white rice to go with the dishes.

Westports KL Dragons VS Brunei Barracudas - The 5 VS 1

I'm glad that Asean Basketball League(ABL) is burning hot into their second season. With its rather successful inaugural 2009/2010 season, the ABL is getting a lot more attention from not only the fans but the sponsors too. Datuk Tony Fernandes is the man behind the ABL masterpiece and his Airline is now the official sponsor of the league. Our KL Dragons is now known as Westports KL Dragons, a name change for good as they are getting more financial injection into the team. It is the financial boost that brought us two great imports, ex-Sacremento Kings Nakiea Miller and Alex Hartman.

We managed to seal off the match against Brunei Barracudas with 87-48. The Barracudas called off the match with only one player left in the court during the 4th quarter. While the rest six were foul out. The Bruneian begun the match with only 7 players as the rest were caught with eye infection. The Dragons start off the match strong with players hitting on 3 points. Soon there was no turning back from the our boys and the match was left time dragging to us, the fans. Perhaps a little more professionalism is required from some of our players. Fair enough that we are leading, there is still commitment required to finish off the game. You guys are not great enough to take any professional game lightly. Commitment and attitude are the key elements if you dare enough to call yourself a professional player playing in a professional league. Chen Li Wei, I had been reserving my judgment on his play all this while. He has been know to make countless mistake by some of the fans. But to me it wasn't his mistake that frustrating me, it was his level of professionalism that got me questioning. He seems to be on his sleeping mode during his very limited playing time today.  Lets not forget that,  us the fans are indirectly paying some part of your salary too. We deserve 100% from you as much as your coach who scream his heart out. So does some of your team mates who always giving their best. Li Wei, they deserve your support as well. Please play your part.
My highlight of the night, the cheering ladies. At least they have a better bunch of cheerleaders this season. Much more eye-catching outfit, energetic enough to rock the court.

The match was left with controversial with the Brunei fans claiming for a rematch on Facebook. They believe that the game should have been postponed due to the lack of players. Brunei fans also claimed that this is a Malaysian owned league and the owner wanted favour towards KL team. What a mess ehh...God Bless Air Asia ABL.

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