Sunday, February 28, 2010

From the KiwiLand

I guess this will be my first post without any photo. WIFI is rather uncommon really in Christchurch. Or rather shall I said a free WIFI is very difficult to find here. An established cafe like Starbucks does not even serve Internet to their customer. I do have a lot of photos that I will like to share and true enough that New Zealand is a sceneric nation where awesome photo can be taken simply from every corner.

Apparently people has been comparing Christchurch to Cambridge of England. Partly because of its Avon river and punting. Christchurch is much bigger than Cambridge. It is a city with a main cathedral and a square where a lot of street bunkers will be sharing their talents. Christchurch's weekend seem to be rather quiet with a lot of shops not operating their business. I can only feel the buzz during the night when the party goers started to flood the clubbing zone.

To be Cont.....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How To Turn Yourself Into a Vending Machine...

The great people from the nation of the rising sun have yet again come out with another great invention. To turn yourself into a soft drink vending machine !! WTF !! This is said to avoid any potential harm and to defeat the raping crime.So you can wear it as a usual skirt and transform yourself into a vending machine in seconds. An inspiration from the Ninja transforming art. Good grief. 

The Japanese are smart people indeed. What if that criminal want to buy a drink from the vending machine that you just transformed yourself into ? need to be a running vending machine then.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Diang Biang Hu - Exotic of Sibu

The "Diang Biang Hu" stand along with Kampua and Kompia as the three representative of Sibu Foo Chow's culinary culture. Unlike the other two, the Diang Biang Hu receive relatively lesser attention in terms of fame. It is very rare to find this delicacy outside of Sarawak. There is a  stall at the narrow alley of Blacksmith street which is so synonym with this traditional delicacy. I had their version with extra ingredients added. Priced @ RM3 a bowl, it comes with pork slices, home made fish balls, cuttle fish, black fungus and golden needle flower.  ^^ 

As the name suggested "Diang" is the wok, "Biang as the side of the wok and "Hu" is the grinded rice paste.  The grinded rice paste will be splited to the pre-heat wok. This will form a thin layer across the wok. The "sifu" will then crush the layer of the rice goodness into the wok and cook it with soup before served with ingredients wanted.

Krim Soda in a Carlsberg recycle bottle. This is a "Made in Sibu" soft drink. A soft drink that I personally enjoy a lot when I was little. The "Zhu Jian" Sarsi and krim soda. Pure classic and only goes @ RM 1.20.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Blues......

The sun was shinning fiercely burning me inside the car as I was driving to fetch my sister. The Red Rede FM was tuning some really decent oldies as far as the 60s in their afternoon show. With a DJ's voice as deep as the good old Patrick Teo who used to be with Radio 4. No fancy Hip Hop, no dirty lyrics. It brought back memories when my father used to play a lot of these oldies when I was little. Which I never really did appreciate back then, I ranted for the Backstreet boys instead. And now after a good 28 years, I find myself being absorb into these sentimental oldies. I started listening every now and then. Which got me being complained by the people around me for being such an old folk. I guess being sentimental is a part of aging process ? 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It is your turn now...lil' bro

My younger brother is leaving for his engineering study in Australia tonight. He has always been that top student in the class that most of the expenses of his studies had been funded by scholarship. I'm sure you will have a great time in Brisbane. Adapt into their rather different culture and have fun. Safe flight and take good care of yourself, Raymond. Maybe we will see you sometime in Aussieland soon.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Christchurch Cougars

Christchurch Cougars is a professional basketball team which is at it first year in the New Zealand's National basketball League (NBL).  The Cougars are replacing Canterbury Rams as the only professional basketball team in the region of Canterbury. I'm glad to know that there is a local basketball team for me to support as I'm about to travel to Christchurch next week. As what I did when I was in Sunderland, with the Newcastle eagles and Kuala Lumpur with the KL Dragons.

I was over the moon when i received this email from the General Manager of the Cougars in respond to my inquiry about a possible job opportunity in the team. Of course, not as a basketball player but anything possible will do me a big favor. As working in an overseas basketball environment has always being a dream of mine. Lets hope this is the first step towards the thousand miles. To Carille, that is certainly very kind of you. Cheers !!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dinner @ Rejang Park, Sibu

The neighborhood of Rejang Park used to be quite well-known among the gluttons in Sibu. The area was at it peak during the 80s and 90s. It was even the dating spot of my parents back in those days. My family used to live in this neighborhood before my younger brother was born.  We will still having our family dinner here every now and then. Most of the restaurant in this area serve their tables alfresco style. Which make it a perfect place for family gathering.

True enough that you can get better food around Sibu. As for my family, it is all about the nostalgic moments and getting together.

A mixed platter of fish fillet, yams and mixed vegs ala steamboat style. The price here is listed reasonably as well. The dinner came out to be RM60 for the five of us including fried rice, kuey teow, and some other vegetable dishes which were not included in the photos. Family reunion = Priceless.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Chicken Soup Mee Sua - First meal in the year of Tiger.

Chicken soup with mee sua has been so synonym to the Foo Chow in Sibu that we will have it without fail on the first day of the Lunar New Year as the first meal of the day. As for my family, we will have two boiled eggs in bowl of chicken broth or rather the essence itself. I just love my mom's chicken soup, the broth is rich and tasty enough for me to savor. And with a dash of Foo Chow red wine, it forms a perfect meal to kick start the year of Tiger in style.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year and FUCK that V day......

Today marks the end of OX year. We are welcoming the year of Tiger with full anticipation. The Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and the huge population of Chinese around the world are celebrating the lunar new year on the 14 Feb this year. And yeah..double celebration on....that miserable lovebird's day.      
The Chinese will welcome the year of tiger with fire crackers and fireworks. In a small town like Sibu where the Chinese are the predominant race, the fireworks display can be described as you are in the war scene. Best way to describe, bombing everywhere. Terrorist red alert if this will to happen in the land of Mr.Obama.
These will start off half an hour before the new year and last for a good one hour. With literally every Chinese family playing their part. Numerous bans on the crackers from the authority in charge failed miserably to stop the celebration.  No doubt. Such magnificent masterpiece is very  “Sibu-only”. Authentic Sibu experience. 

 May the year of Tiger bring in prosperity and great health to your family, my family and her family. May the good fortune be with you forever. Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fatt Chai and still Fuck that V day.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Once Upon A Time In Bali.....

 Just some photos of Bali when we were there last year. Since I was doing a food post on Bali previously and somebody is going to Bali for CNY with her family. Bali is a strong Hindu influenced city of the largest Islamic country of the world, Indonesia. Statues of Hinduism theme are literally in each and every corner.

The Bali Bomb Memorial in Kuta, a sad reminder to the bomb attack which killed hundreds

Bali is a surfing heaven for a lot of wave fighters. Especially Aussie surfers.

Even Mr McDonald loves surfing in Bali too.

Most of the mountains in Bali are Volcanos. Which some of it are still alive or rather should I said "active".

Rice paddies field in Ubud. Magnificent view.

Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple. The temple is located on the rock just offshore. Highly commercial with lots of shops along the entrance.

Barong or the lion dance. A ritual dance portraits the fight between the good and the evil. Traditional Balinese dance with a comedic elements; the sense of humor.
A visit to the monkey jungle in Ubud. The monkeys are rather unite animals. They help each others a lot.

No sexual intention. Just statues believed to represent the female maternity. In fact, you will encounter a lot of nude sculptures, statues or paintings everywhere in Bali.

The Balinese are renown coffee maker too.

A visit to coffee farm actually entitled us these many cups of coffee for free. The only cup that we paid was the coffee Luwat. The one that has been specially "re-process" by that cat-alike creature. The coffee beans straight from the poo of that animal are claim to be among the finest.

Just like any other part of Indonesia, everyone are millionaires or billionaires.

And if you are wondering where Bali is. Denpasar is the name which been widely used in most of the International airport.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Babi Guling @ Warung Ibu Oka, Ubud Bali

If you ever wonder how yummylicious this is ? Well, culinary bad boy Anthony Bourdain rated it as one of the best suckling pig in this planet. The meat is just so tender and juicy yet very flavorful with all the spices. You are also served with a crunchy skin, blood sausage and some fried intestines. The taste ? Something to behold and definitely a meal to remember. 

This is the infamous Warung Ibu Oka babi guling(Suckling Pig) in Ubud, Bali. One of the very few city in Indonesia that Hinduism is the majority and pork consuming are allow.  

Little piggy is used to ensure the tenderness of the meat. Roasted to reach the crispiness on the outside and melt in the mouth on the inside. 

There are many places in Bali that sells Babi Guling, but when it comes to authentic Balinese, Warung Ibu Oka probably come up with the best concoction.

*Photos were taken during an earlier trip to Bali in 2009.* 

Monday, February 08, 2010

Dinner @ Good Happiness Restaurant Sibu

I went to Good Happiness Restaurant last night with my family for an annal dinner of some Insurance firm. The dinner was set the way as in any usual Chinese wedding dinner will be. Or maybe rather in the favor of Sibuian Chinese. This was a dinner that I had long anticipated for. I had not been to such dinner for more than 5 years now and needless to say I miss it so so much.

Ever since I was little, I always get excited with the first course. The mix platter. It will usually be either a cold platter or a hot one. Good happiness restaurant has been thoughtful enough with their presentation. The lighting was switch off while the whole floor was only lighten up by the flame in the platter set.

And when the lighting resume, the platter was already 20% gone !!

The shark fin soup with very limited fins.

Grilled chicken. 

Steam "unknown" fish. Nian Nian You Yu.

 Mixed set of broccolis, mushrooms, squids, chickens, shrimps.

BBq pork with Kangkung. Yes..they served us kangkung too #@$%

Siow Bee(Dumpling) with Sweet Yam.

 And the dessert to round off.

The dinner was rather forgettable for me. But the organizing committee had been kind and thoughtful enough to instead giving out RM 1 in an Ang Pao to each and everyone of us. They opted for a Mega Toto lucky number. Which the return can be millions. Only if the lady luck is on your side. 


Saturday, February 06, 2010

Aquaria KLCC - The Ocean Attack In The Heart of KL

How perfect can life be when you are spending a lovely afternoon in once the tallest of the world, the Petronas Twin Tower. The weather was so brilliant that I don't even feel like wanted to dine in any of those fancy restaurant in Suria KLCC. Well...I had to admit that I'm on tight budget lately. Thus, i packed myself a KFC value lunch to savor outdoor "alfresco" style in the KLCC park.

This park is in fact the most well maintain in our country. Partly because this is the central of tourism in KL and a lot of foreign expatriates are living around this area.   

  If you have some free time to kill. Be sure to visit the Aquaria KLCC. The little ocean in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. This is where your journey of ocean begin.

By paying only RM25 as a Maybank card holder, i get the chance to touch that little silky bambo shark. One of the lady visitor commented that "The skin is as smooth as LV bag !!" LMFAO

  The geckos and tarantulas on display. Weird people are keeping them as pet now.

The Piranhas from the Amazon river. They are well-known for their razor sharp teeth and strong jaws. These cute little fishes can indeed bite of your finger with literally just one single attempt !!

Arapaima, a giant creature from the notorious Amazon. Among the biggest in the South American river.

 The Aquaria KLCC have an ocean tunnel as well. Where you can experience water creatures swimming around you. 

Such as a stingray which keep on smiling at me ?

Or even a shark above me ?? The shark very much prefer other ocean creatures as their meal rather than a human being. 

If you are terrified by this ocean experience then get yourself New Zealand Natural ice cream to cool off. Priced @ Rm14.90 for 3 scoops, this is no cheap ice cream. It is very, very, very good. Actually, it is way better than just good. Impossibly delicious, I should say. 

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