Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year and FUCK that V day......

Today marks the end of OX year. We are welcoming the year of Tiger with full anticipation. The Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and the huge population of Chinese around the world are celebrating the lunar new year on the 14 Feb this year. And yeah..double celebration on....that miserable lovebird's day.      
The Chinese will welcome the year of tiger with fire crackers and fireworks. In a small town like Sibu where the Chinese are the predominant race, the fireworks display can be described as you are in the war scene. Best way to describe, bombing everywhere. Terrorist red alert if this will to happen in the land of Mr.Obama.
These will start off half an hour before the new year and last for a good one hour. With literally every Chinese family playing their part. Numerous bans on the crackers from the authority in charge failed miserably to stop the celebration.  No doubt. Such magnificent masterpiece is very  “Sibu-only”. Authentic Sibu experience. 

 May the year of Tiger bring in prosperity and great health to your family, my family and her family. May the good fortune be with you forever. Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fatt Chai and still Fuck that V day.


kenwooi said...

happy CNY! =)

Charles said...

Happy CNY Ken Wooi

Anonymous said...

u dont write anything about the V's day... heheheeh..

HwiCHen <<<

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