Friday, December 18, 2009

Steam Rice @ Restaurant Sin Kee off Jalan Tun Sambanthan

Steam rice@Restaurant Sin Kee has to be among the dishes that i will miss when i'm off to New Zealand. I'm pretty sure i will not be able to find this version in the Kiwi land.

Restaurant Sin Kee is one of oldest Chinese restaurant in Brickfields "Little India" area which is known for Indian banana leaf rice. Sin Kee is getting fame not only among the Chinese but the Indian community as well. Sin Kee is literally packed for lunch. Which is why iIwill usually go for late dinner or late lunch on Saturday.

As the rule goes, Steam Rice is a must when you are in Sin Kee. We ordered the pork steam rice for the night instead of the usual seafood version. It comes with a lots of stuffs like pork, Chinese sausage, fish cakes, fried eggs, squids, cabbages and indulged with its' light gravy.

To go with the steam rice, we ordered ourselves Steam Pork with Salted Fish from the ala carte menu. Presentation wise it was good. But i have never been impressed with Sin Kee's ala carte dishes. I had tried on number of occasions and it was a let down every times. We felt like we had been conned big time with this dish. It was Tau Fu in the middle with few slices of pork by the side for a blood sucking 15 bucks. What a disgrace.

Their soup of the day, the white radish soup. It was nicely done. In fact I like any soup with white radish in it. A credit from me for the soup. These sums up my dinner of the night.

 This was the Seafood Steam Rice that I had on the other occasions. They are generous with their prawns and squids indeed. Top notch for RM7. At Sin Kee, you cannot go wrong with their Steam Rice version. Ala carte menu, you judge it yourself.

Sin Kee's speciality menu has both local and Western influences. One of my pick on their Westernised dish will be the Fish & Chips. The delicacy that do the Brits proud. Trust me, an authentic Fish & Chips cannot be just pure simple fried fish. It pretty much down to the quality of the fish that you used. Sin Kee's version ain't bad at all @ RM13. The fish is thick enough for you to enjoy and the chips are the real cut of potatoes. I'm not a big fan of those flour based chips/French fries. 

How much I miss those battered Fish & Chips with bits of salt and malt vinegar @ the take away by the Seaburn beach.


suituapui said...

What's Sin Kee? A coffee shop? Gosh! RM13 for fish and chips is expensive. We just had that at a hotel cafe here - only RM12...but ++, of course.

You're going to NZ? Migrating - PR there? Or just going on holiday? Which part of NZ? My daughter's going to Wellington in February.

Charles said...

haha...i thought it is quite reasonably priced considering the fact that most of the food here in KL are overly priced.

No. I will be travelling on working holiday visa though. Just months away from routine work. I guess I will be heading to Christchurch. Is your daughter furthering her education there in Wellington ?

suituapui said...

Yes, she is. Doing her 2nd and 3rd year TESL there. Dunno anyone in Wellington. My brother's in Auckland...and all the people I know are in Christchurch.

Charles said...

Don't worry Arthur. Your daughter will be doing fine just like you. The kiwiland is well known for their charm and friendliness. We, Malaysian will be treated well there hopefully

jfook said...

Looks tempting.

Charles said...

jfook...yes indeed and thanks for dropping by

CuppyCake93 - ElaineC said...

ooh! food, nyumm ;P
wheres ur chatbox btw?

Kristin said...

Yum! I lvoe the fish & chip!

Charles said...

CuppyCake93 - ElaineC....thanks for dropping by. My blog is too early for a chatbox i guess. Nobody will chat here even if i will to have one yet..haha LoL

Charles said... & chips is indeed one of my favourite delicacy as well. Cheers for stopping by

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