Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Night In The Library

To spend a night in this library does not indeed make you a better son of the family. You do not gain knowledge in the form that you may desire. But indeed you may find accompanion of your soul and a sense of release here. This library is one of the latest lounge bar in town, one of the hottest too. 

The library has a very cozy and contemporary ambiance. Great place for gathering and to get hooked just as my title suggest a true chillout lounge. We were there last night for a Christmas gathering. It was packed with party goers as early as 9PM. But we managed to get our 10 seats booked earlier.

A Belgium beer, Hoegaarden@ RM36 a pint. I don't know. It taste watery to me. Perhaps the library add in tap water as their dirty cost saving profit gaining method ?

Hoegaarden is a type of Belgian wheat beer. Something new for me. As according to Wikipedia, wheat beer is a beer that is brewed with a large proportion of wheat. Wheat beers often also contain a significant proportion of malted barley. 

It was a jazz night.So you expect some underground jazz flowing. They are great performers anyway. But my mates might be upset, as they are waiting for some heart pumping beat from the DJ. We all end up sleeping on our own bed with no mess around. So i guess it was a pretty well organized night out ehhhh.

Those ladies in the house during the pre-party.

I suppose we all need to have something solid before flowing our stomach with the goodness of beer. Here we are at Kim Gary @ The Curve for a late dinner.

Their peanut butter French Toast. A must and in fact a top notch of its kind.

Clear soup ramen with preserved veg + shredded chicken. Liang claimed it to be a pretty good one.

My cheese baked rice with recycle pork in SzeChuan style. I know you may be confused here. Let me simplified it this way. You reuse your already cooked dishes in another meal. That is food recycling.

This is a rather rush entry. Less writing. Off for late gift shopping now @ 11.03PM. Merry Xmas ^-^


jfook said...

Nanged. Merry Christmas!

suituapui said...

Oooo...the french toast!!! The cheese baked rice looks pretty good too. Quite a few people have posted on Kin Gary - seems popular!

Charles said...

JFook - And a happy new year

STP, the french toast is just simply done to near perfection to my extent. Kim Gary is one of the established ala Hong Kong Cafe here in KL.

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