Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lets Go Kabul !!

We were short of lunch suggestion this afternoon. Instead of the usual Sooka food court which stink your clothes with food smells. Me, Tony & Elbrine decided to give Restaurant Kabul a try.

Kabul as the name of capital city of Afghanistan. I would expect Afghan cuisine here. The menu is quite extensive with the selection of dishes come with either Naan Bread or Briyani.

You will find the usual northern/southern Indian dishes such as Tikka, Vindaloo, Varuval as well as mid-east kebab.  I haven't got a clue on Afghan cuisine. Those are names of Indian/Mid-east food that i usually sample. It might be because Afghanistan is geographically connected to both India, Pakistan and not far of the UAE gulf. The Afghan tends to have similar culture with those of Southern Asia region.

Myself & Tony went for plain Lassi as our drinks. I'm impressed with the rich milky fermented taste of their Lassi. Top notch.

Tony goes with the restaurant's motto "Satisfying Briyani Wishes" by ordering their beef Briyani. This is indeed a better version of the Hyderabad famous Muslim cuisine. Theirs are way miles ahead of the one served in this Briyani chain store, JM Briyani.

The Briyani came with generous portion of chunky beef in spiced basmati rice. Together with curry and yogurt. The Briyani reminds me of those authentic home make version by Indian students from Hyderabad during my UK days. They used to educate me that authentic Briyani need to be done layer by layer. A layer of basmati rice and then layer of meat on top, vice-versa.

 While, our lovely Elbrine ordered herself a chicken version of the Briyani which is equally good. With chunky chicken meat as well. Though the picture does not do the dish any justice.

I went for Lamb Kheema & Dhall to go with Garlic Naan. Lamb Kheema or Keema, as according to my research can be defined as traditional Gujurati style curry made with minced lamb.  Ahaa. Gujarat...not authentic Afghan either. Anyway those minced lamb were well covered by rich Masala blend and it goes really well with the garlic Naan.

However, the Garlic Naan on its own can be described as pathetic. I failed to taste the supposed fragrance of garlic. Makes no different with plain Naan.

The dessert was indeed the highlight of our lunch. Pistachio Kulfi goes at RM2.90 was very milky yet mixed well with the pistachio slices on top. The texture does not taste ice cream to me. It was not that creamy, more of ice frozen milk, i reckoned.

As according to Wikipedia Kulfi or Qulfi is a popular flavored frozen dessert made from milk which originated in South Asia and is popular throughout neighbouring countries in the Middle East.

To round of the day, this is the "burn rice" flavoured Korean candy from Korean loving Elbrine. Cheers.

Chia Yuan, the "burn rice" taste wasn't bad at all. Maybe i should try out Tess's "Porky Spicy Ramen" flavoured Japanese candy. I might end up loving both candy and Tess.


Jayden said...

Wow, another emerging good blogger eh? Nice start! I love seeing blogs with heap of photos because photos "tell it all". Do write more so that you are eligible to get nominated for "best blogger" next year! I'll help you submit the nomination. Yeah? LoL! Take care!

Charles said...

Thanks for bring in the traffic from Singapore, mate. That's help. Are you writing something as well ? Mine just isn't to the extent of nomination. LoL !!

suituapui said...

So the Afghan restaurant is more less like an Indian one, I see...But the naan looks yummy though! Btw, you certainly know your food well...

Charles said...

Cheers STP

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