Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pork Mee Obsession Oink! Oink!

I wasn't a big fan of pork noodles  back then when i first switched to KL. I noticed pork noodles stall almost in every food court/kopitiam. Never really bother to give it a damn try.

Up until my Averis day, when one of my ex-colleague introduced me to Peter's pork noodles @ Mayflower. This crave goes on and turn into an obsession. I once consumed this six straight days in a week. It is a crave that i will order every now and then whenever i go lunch in Mayflower. The secret kick of Peter's pork noodle is the broth. It does not taste MSG, moreover towards to hours of hard boiling with the sweetness of pork. I prefer my bowl of pork noodle to be richly oily.  Together with the generous serving of pork lard and mince make out a great serving of this infamous Peter pork noodles. I know this not the best health concious food but it's temptation is not something that you can deny either. It was featured in TheStar as the best pork noodle in Klang Valley.

Restaurant Keam Fatt in Taman Bahagia, SS3 serves another notorious pork noodle. As according to my friend, this stall has been around ever since he was a primary school pupil. It is well known among the neighbourhood with the restaurant literally pack during lunch time and weekend for breakfast. As for me myself, i defined it as the second best to the Peter's version. The broth is peppery and this pretty much cover up the natural porky sweetness. But it is still a better version than most of the regular ones.

This is what i will describe as a contemporary version of the pork noodles. Unlike the traditional ones, there is the kick of bitter gourd & tomatoes in the broth. It tastes more like the bitter gourd soup that you will order from any regular chinese "Tai Chow" restaurant. 


Drake Anchor Kull said...

Wok porky noodle look really good.. hei the one with porky intestine delicious :)

Charles said...

Indeed my friend

Belle Lee said...

Tmr i'm going to try!!!

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