Thursday, December 31, 2009

America On A Plate @ Betty's Midwest Kitchen Aman Suria

Betty's Midwest Kitchen is one of the latest western cuisine restaurant in PJ. Unlike usual Italian, French or Spanish; Betty's kitchen specialized in hearty American Midwest Cuisine.It is a family run business with a really friendly, heart warming ambiance. You will expect strong Yankee's influence on the decoration as the owner had been staying in the states for years.

 I paid my second visit to Betty's Kitchen tonight for my new year eve dinner. I must say that i was a little on the disappointed side during my first visit due to extremely high expectation. But the dinner tonight had totally tossed my mind. It was simply awesome !! I can't wait to go back for more.  

House fresh lemonade is indeed a better version of it kind. It is very refreshing with goodness of lemon crush. I cannot resist this. I opted for the fresh lemonade instead of the Budweiser, which happen to be my favorite beer as well. Ok! Ok! I wasn't in the mood to have beer hence my decision.

As any other restaurant, Betty's have their own version of soup of the day too. The sausage & bacon soup. The soup is enlighten with baby carrot, celery, sausage and bacon bits. Served with buttered garlic bread. Thumb up from me.

The grilled baby back pork ribs was the highlight of the night. The meat was succulent true to their description on their menu. The ribs was marinated in Betty's special sauce which bring perfect combination to the crispiness of the grill. 

Simply awesome and mouth-watering !! Words description cannot do enough justice. Priced @ RM28.50. You need to try it to believe it.

Their signature meat loaf during my first visit. I will prefer a firmer version else it will taste like usual mince meat. Both onion relish and the mashed potatoes were great. The sparks of this dish was the beer sauce for dipping. I shall give this another try someday.

Grilled Beer Braised Boston Butt. It wasn't the ass part of the Oink Oink Okay !!! It was the shoulder part that been used. True American !!

Mixed Sausage Platter. Combination of different types of Bratwurst. 

Lovely Family Run Little Kitchen Worth a Visit !! 


My Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner @ Restaurant Nasi Kandar Sedap

Restaurant Nasi Kandar Sedap has always been my favorite place for mamak food. Not because they are geographically near to the place that i stay. I'm not gonna be a lazy bun when it comes to food hunting. In fact we have Kayu Nasi Kandar, a more established mamak chain just a block away. But Restaurant Sedap still win the race.

This is usually the serving that i frequent for my dinner. Nasi Kandar with your chosen dishes. I had a tremendously huge Fried Chicken breast, deep fried bitter gourd and lady fingers. And to pour/mix random kind of curry gravy on your rice formed nasi kandar which is a Penang delicacy.
Deep fried bitter gourd. I do find myself over-indulge bitter gourd. Literally in any form. Up from the usual stir-fry, juice, stuffed and even deep fried version. I simply enjoy the bittery taste. 

Presentation wise it may look messy but you don't complain you will pay only RM6 for this big portion.  The mix curry gravy is heavenly. Addictive i shall say. 

Rasam, a kind of South Indian sour soup. A must order for me whenever i'm having banana leaf rice or nasi kandar. You will usually get it free of charge. It is very appetizing and apparently it helps while having flu.

I reckoned they serve the best roti canai in my area. Their roti planta and roti sardin are both equally great. The level of crispiness is just nice with less floury texture. Their roti selection has usually been my favorite supper of the night.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ninja Joe Is A Master of Pork Burger

Was having a movie marathon today in Tropicana Mall. Namely, Bodyguards & Assassins and Avatar for the second time as my lady hasn't watch it yet. I was surprise to see Mengke Bateer, Chinese Mongolian basketball player to be in the movie. He is pretty good actually as an actor.

Ninja Joe @ Tropicana Mall is a fast food joint in the town which specialize in pork burger. They are indeed the first to have only pork burger as the main attraction. 

As you can see, they serve only Oink Oink here.One preparation style six different favors.

Price wise it is RM5.95 for a single burger. They apply "The more you order the cheaper it get" concept. And if your name is Joe, prove it you will get RM1.00 off. Yeah, I will have to wait for their Ninja Charles branch.

I decided to go solo as i just had my 1901 hotdogs ealier on. My choice was the teriyaki flavor. Trust me, you will get a little disappoint with the size of the burger. It is more or less a size of McDonald's Hamburger or might be smaller.

But the taste had pretty much make over my disappointment. I, for once have the urge to order for another few. Size does not really matter in this case. Presentation wise it can be as simple as how you think a normal burger should be. The pork patty was tender and juicy. It goes really well with the sweet teriyaki sauce. But it is a little off, value wise. I need at least five of these to call off a meal !! 

This is a pure Malaysian joint. I do hope them to sustain. To have branches in the future. To have a more extensive menu and of course a bigger burger. I'm sure gluttons like us don't mind to pay few extra bucks.  

Ninja Joe : No Spam Just Pure Pork !! 

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunderland AFC - The Mackem's Pride

 Having to spend a good four years in Sunderland; I witnessed football is not just the game of the big fours. When we refer to the EPL, it is the like of Man United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea that gain the fame.
 There are a lot other clubs which play their version of football with much more passion. Football is a beautiful game when passion & sportsmanship are drawn in. It is the cash & the fame that makes the game ugly. I’m amazed with how much dedication the people of  Sunderland, the Mackems injected in to their local team. 

 Every clubs have their legend, every stadiums have their own version of sparks. The Stadium of Light witnessed the black cats’ highs and lows. Sunderland last fame was perhaps a win in the 1973 FA Cup. Sunderland form fierce rivalry with Newcastle due to geographical bond. The Tyne & Wear derby is one of the fiercest derbies in England. It is only a win that can satisfy the winning-thirsty fans.  

Sunderland has never been stable stander in the premier league. Despite having two consecutive relegations with record breaking lowest point in the EPL. The form of support has never lessened. You don’t usually stumble on a full house 40000 odd supports in a championship game. That is the magic of the SAFC. The club’s biggest asset is in fact their fan based.  

 Niall Quinn, who gained his legendary status as an ex Sunderland player come into rescue just in time with his Irish Consortium. The take over brought in another Irish legend, Roy Keane as the new manager of Sunderland. The transform brought high hope among the people of Sunderland. They sensed ambition despite Roy Keane’s lack of managerial experience.


Keano left the club with a promotion from the second tier plus a firm stays in the top league. Steve Bruce took over with solid impact. Darrent Bent plus Kwyne Jones. We never have such a prominent striking force ever since Kevin Phillips & Quinny era.

 A draw in the old Trafford, wins against Arsenal and Liverpool at home proven the transformation of the club. All we need now is a consistent form and more blessing from the lady luck such as the Liverpool’s beach ball incident.

Sunderland is the only premium league team in the north east of england. The day to play against the best of Europe is near. Ha' Way The Lads.

25th December @ Chilli's Grill and Bar

It may seem a little lack of inspiration. The lady of the night has the crave after Chili's. Trying to impress, here we are at the Chilli's for our Christmas dinner.

The queue was long as usual. We got our seat reserved and went back again after 45 mins. Noticed this rather funky line at the waiting area.

Need no further introduction. Chili's grill and bar is well known for their ala American, Mexican food.

Instead of their signature starter, grilled hot buffalo wings. We opted for Ranch Wings to kick off the appetite. The deep fried version. We were served with six big buffalo wings, no no eight wings together with three different dipping. Namely the mayo, garlic mayo and personal preference, the unknown red sauce which taste wise similar to Tabasco legendary pepper sauce. 

In case you have this doubt in mind. It was indeed eight huge chicken wings. Battered fried. It was really crispy but a little dry to my standard. The taste is similar to those Southern Fried Chicken. Been a Malaysian, we all love Kentucky Fried Chicken instead even though you might complain that it may not taste as nice as those days anymore.

 The Fajita Trio. You will have grilled chicken, lovely juicy prawns and grilled tender steak garnished with Jalapenos & Onions served on a hot iron skillet.

Wikipedia - Fajita is a Tex - Mex cuisine. Referring to grilled meat served on a flour or corn tortilla

The condiments are guacamole, shredded lettuces, tomatoes and cheese. We though the white chunky was Mayonnaise but it was not. It tastes yogurt.

Condiments on the tortilla.

Some meat cuts and sprinkled with grilled Jalapenos & Onions. A pleasure for your taste bud. But a little over priced @ RM 40.95.

I always prefer a burger to be served with real steaky, chunky patty rather than a poor tiny little meat slice. Chilli's has never let me down on their selection of burger. Beef bacon burger @ RM20.95, is a steal. You can't grumble on this. I had half of this on top of my Fajita Trio. We both have to skip dessert.

We had the rest of the night overstuffed. They should have warn us.

Eat Responsibly !!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Night In The Library

To spend a night in this library does not indeed make you a better son of the family. You do not gain knowledge in the form that you may desire. But indeed you may find accompanion of your soul and a sense of release here. This library is one of the latest lounge bar in town, one of the hottest too. 

The library has a very cozy and contemporary ambiance. Great place for gathering and to get hooked just as my title suggest a true chillout lounge. We were there last night for a Christmas gathering. It was packed with party goers as early as 9PM. But we managed to get our 10 seats booked earlier.

A Belgium beer, Hoegaarden@ RM36 a pint. I don't know. It taste watery to me. Perhaps the library add in tap water as their dirty cost saving profit gaining method ?

Hoegaarden is a type of Belgian wheat beer. Something new for me. As according to Wikipedia, wheat beer is a beer that is brewed with a large proportion of wheat. Wheat beers often also contain a significant proportion of malted barley. 

It was a jazz night.So you expect some underground jazz flowing. They are great performers anyway. But my mates might be upset, as they are waiting for some heart pumping beat from the DJ. We all end up sleeping on our own bed with no mess around. So i guess it was a pretty well organized night out ehhhh.

Those ladies in the house during the pre-party.

I suppose we all need to have something solid before flowing our stomach with the goodness of beer. Here we are at Kim Gary @ The Curve for a late dinner.

Their peanut butter French Toast. A must and in fact a top notch of its kind.

Clear soup ramen with preserved veg + shredded chicken. Liang claimed it to be a pretty good one.

My cheese baked rice with recycle pork in SzeChuan style. I know you may be confused here. Let me simplified it this way. You reuse your already cooked dishes in another meal. That is food recycling.

This is a rather rush entry. Less writing. Off for late gift shopping now @ 11.03PM. Merry Xmas ^-^

Silent Night...Holy Night

Got me laptop back tonight. I lost most of my files in the hard drive. My blame is on those irresponsible technician @ Aeoneplus. WTF ? I'm paying you cash to get things fix. I don't take excuse such as file corrupted. I'm not plain enough to be fooled with these excuses. It was a careless mistake from your end. What a Xmas eve !! Okay!! Perhaps i shall take it this way, an empty hard drive to start of my brand new year. New capacity for new data. Xmas eve has never really been that peaceful for me ever since the past few years.  Well....Merry Christmas & Happy 2010 @ the chillout lounge  

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What ? Murni again ??

A quickie post here on my yet another visit to Murni Discovery in the past ten days or so. Not to use the word obsess, simply because this is the right restaurant to sample something a little out of the ordinary. Oh!! With reasonable price too.

This time around I ordered their Beef Meat Bomb Spaghetti. This is said to be one of their signature as well. I had the cabonara version instead of the usual tomato base. Just can’t be bother my Spaghetti to be served on tomato ketchup unless it is of real tomatoes chunk puree such as the one from Italianese,  

Just like the one in William’s mamak, the spaghetti comes with six huge beef meat balls stuffed with cheese. The meat balls was done medium rare. Taste wise, it was too peppery for me. It simply outcast the beef taste. I guess they are trying to reduce the beefy taste by peppering the balls. To the extent which does not suit my liking. While, the spaghetti was nicely done with chicken slices, hams, hotdogs, mushrooms, scallops, topped with cheese and Italian herbs.  

Again I’m ordering their Pandan chicken which is still as nice as my previous visit. Priced at RM4 a piece, I will consider their Nasi Goreng with Ayam Pandan as a more value meal at RM 7.

My lady of the night was having this. This is nor Omelet or random telur goring. It’s their Nasi Goreng Pattaya. Very plain indeed, i reckoned better imagination with my own version.

I’m going to stop here.  I’m not on my usual laptop. This workstation is killing me. Dragging me to hell. I can hardly type not to mention uploading pictures. Hopefully I will get my laptop back from the clinic tomorrow.   

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