Friday, December 18, 2009

Nasi Goreng with Ayam Pandan @ Murni Sunway Mas

I'm always a fan of restaurant which willing to spend that extra effort to twist their menu a little around. Those little twist on their food makes a big favour to food maniac like me. William's Mamak and his brother's Murni are those who break that routine rhythm. Murni's new branch @ Sunway Mas, Aman Suria has a very extensive menu and  comfy ambience. It is not as crowded as the initial one in SS2 as this one is still rather new.  The food is reasonably priced with no extra service charge. Unlike some of the restaurant which serve relative ordinary food yet charge that extra 15% tax which equal to the price of a meal itself.

 It was my third visits in a week to this restaurant today. I was having their Nasi Goreng with Ayam Pandan and Cham Ice.  The fried rice was just divine with slight peppery taste.

The grilled chicken wrapped with Pandan leaf was simply heavenly. The touch of the Pandan and the tamarind marinated drumstick created perfect combination. You can even lick all the sweetness of marination on the Pandan leaf. Taste wise it is an A from me. Priced @ RM7, it formed a fabulous lunch choice of mine.


suituapui said...

Now THIS makes me drool big time, not the steamed rice at Sin Kee. And RM7 only? That's cheap!!!

Charles said...'s a great bargain indeed in our highly inflated capital

Gadis n Frank said...

charles, blog kamu lagi mengiurkan...buat aku terasa nk pergi makan jugak time ni...ahahaha....

kay, one nuffnang click for u tonite... ;)

Hwi Chen said...

Charles,i wish i can try this dish. i love pandan chicken, is fabolous... yummmy~~~ intro more makan place,k~~~

Hwi Chen

jfook said...

Murni serves good food. :)

Baby said...

me getting hungry looking at food

Charles said...

Hwi Chen : will do...will keep this space rolling.

jfook: Yes indeed. Great chillout place.

baby : Guess it's time to feed urself LoL

Hez said...


I heard this place doesnt have menu.apparently its cos they have everything o.o

Charles said...

haha...Hez..true.... the one in SS2 does not have a menu...coz they simply customize on any request. But their new branch murni discovery in my place do have an extensive one though.

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