Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunderland AFC - The Mackem's Pride

 Having to spend a good four years in Sunderland; I witnessed football is not just the game of the big fours. When we refer to the EPL, it is the like of Man United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea that gain the fame.
 There are a lot other clubs which play their version of football with much more passion. Football is a beautiful game when passion & sportsmanship are drawn in. It is the cash & the fame that makes the game ugly. I’m amazed with how much dedication the people of  Sunderland, the Mackems injected in to their local team. 

 Every clubs have their legend, every stadiums have their own version of sparks. The Stadium of Light witnessed the black cats’ highs and lows. Sunderland last fame was perhaps a win in the 1973 FA Cup. Sunderland form fierce rivalry with Newcastle due to geographical bond. The Tyne & Wear derby is one of the fiercest derbies in England. It is only a win that can satisfy the winning-thirsty fans.  

Sunderland has never been stable stander in the premier league. Despite having two consecutive relegations with record breaking lowest point in the EPL. The form of support has never lessened. You don’t usually stumble on a full house 40000 odd supports in a championship game. That is the magic of the SAFC. The club’s biggest asset is in fact their fan based.  

 Niall Quinn, who gained his legendary status as an ex Sunderland player come into rescue just in time with his Irish Consortium. The take over brought in another Irish legend, Roy Keane as the new manager of Sunderland. The transform brought high hope among the people of Sunderland. They sensed ambition despite Roy Keane’s lack of managerial experience.


Keano left the club with a promotion from the second tier plus a firm stays in the top league. Steve Bruce took over with solid impact. Darrent Bent plus Kwyne Jones. We never have such a prominent striking force ever since Kevin Phillips & Quinny era.

 A draw in the old Trafford, wins against Arsenal and Liverpool at home proven the transformation of the club. All we need now is a consistent form and more blessing from the lady luck such as the Liverpool’s beach ball incident.

Sunderland is the only premium league team in the north east of england. The day to play against the best of Europe is near. Ha' Way The Lads.


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