Thursday, December 17, 2009

Malaysia 1 - Vietnam 0 (Laos Sea Games 2009 Men's Football Final)

The Malaysian Football has done the nation proud by winning this much-anticipated gold in Laos Sea Games 2009. The 20 years gold drought had finally ended tonight in Main Stadium of the National Sports Complex @ Vientiane. Thanks to the 85th minutes own goal from the Vietnamese that awarded our country probably the most valuable gold of Laos 2009. Malaysia 1 - Vietnam 0 (Laos Sea Games 2009, Men's Football Final)

I did not get the chance to follow the match live due to work commitment. I hope Malaysian team were doing well enough to deserve the gifted goal from Vietnam. Anyway, credits should be given to our U23 boys. They had been magnificent through out the whole tournament. Despite losing 1-3 to Vietnam during the group match, we managed the biggest scoreline of the games by scoring 11 to nothing against Timor Leste. 4 - 0 win against the Cambodian, a 2-1 win over the defending champion Thailand and 3-1 semifinals swap against the home crowd supported Laos. I pretty much has to say we deserved the final cheer.


Lets hope the triumph will serve as the golden return to our once glorious football era. To serve as a big lift to our local Malaysian football league. To wake up the nation's support on Malaysian football. To switch the nation attention every Saturday from the English football league back to our much vacant local stadiums.


If I will to be a Tycoon someday, this is where my cash going to flow. The Sarawak FA Aka Bujang Senang, The Crocs. They need a lift too to regain their old fame.


Mr. J @ said...

yezz, i still remember last time Malaysia team more many from Sarawak football like , Twin brother Ramos and Ramles , Gilbert Cassidy Gawing. Im also sibu . but now Bujang Senang have a lots of inConflict.. who wanna play hard if gaji never pay right.

Charles said...

Yeah..well said mate. Sarawak was a respectable team during Ramos,Ramles era. Lets hope their will gain back their fame through proper club management.

By the way, it's great to see somebody from Sibu here. Cheers for stopping by.

Mr. J @ said...

not going back sibu on this xmas? i just back from serdang .

Charles said...

No mate...working...but i got dirt cheap AirAsia ticket for next january

bathmate said...

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