Monday, December 27, 2010

Malaysia VS Indonesia 3-0 Suzuki Cup Final, First Leg

It was perhaps the best match of 2010 for Malaysian football team. A clean 3-0 win against Indonesia on the first leg of Suzuki Cup Final last night was indeed a result to behold by the whole nation. 

The turn out of the supporters were magnificent. Our national team has long miss a full house support like this in Bukit Jalil. Closed to 90,000 football fanatics shown up to cheer the national team and they witnessed the future of Malaysian football. A team which consist of mostly Under-23 players, a SEA game gold medalist backbone. This is the team that carry on Malaysian challenge in Suzuki cup which represent the highest honour of Asean football. They have to compete against players that are much more senior and well known such as the like of Bambang Pramungkas.  Yet our talented bunch are coping really well. Our boys were playing some really interesting footie, beautiful short passes, combination that managed to tear Indonesian defense apart. 

Though we have some 90,000 in the stadium last night. We still have majority who does not even know that Malaysian is in the final of a football competition. Perhaps they does not even realize that Malaysia has a football team. Yet these majority know that Arsenal is playing against Chelsea tonight. They would rather giving up their precious sleep to support team which does not have slight connection with them and neglecting their own nation. 

Fair enough that in football you play to gain your respect and support. I do hope that these bunch have really earn your attention. They are really playing their heart out for the nation. Lets hope that our Harimau Malaya can stand along the Indonesian wave in Jakarta to wrap up a fruitful year of Malaysian football with a king of Asean crown.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Brotzeit - German Bier Bar & Restaurant @ Mid Valley

Merry Christmas everyone !! One of my Christmas wish this year is to feast myself German food and beer. The wish was fulfilled on Christmas Eve @ Brotzeit, German Bier bar & restaurant.

 Brotzeit is having good review from that small country next door(our SG neighbour). I'm glad that they finally venturing Malaysian culinary scene and giving gluttons another choice when comes to German cuisine. Brotzeit is one of the relatively new eatery located @ Mid Valley Megamall. The ambiance is cozy and spacious enough for friends gathering and team lunch of office workers. So boss, can I suggest this place as the next team lunch outfit ?

 With such a bar set, you will know what you can expect.

 Yes !! the infamous German beer. Paulaner's original Munich lager on the left and Paulaner's Weissbier on your right. Priced @ RM28 for a full pint. Smooth, awesome stuff.

 Food wise, we ordered the notorious pork knuckle with Sauerkraut(some sort of pickle onions) and mashed potatoes. RM85++, this dish is good enough to stuff up two massive eaters like us and good enough for 4 moderate eaters.

 It does takes time for the knuckle to be served but the waiting was all well worth it. Good food does take time to prepare anyway.Crispy, crunchy skins and the melt in the mouth fat are those to die for. I will kill just to have a little more if I'm sharing. The meat goes very well with the German Lager too.

 Am I satisfy ? Well, Let the photo tells the story then. It was all sweep clean !! I even have that evil thought of ordering it as a single portion just for myself. No sharing !!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Year 2010

It is this time of the year again that everyone is planning their new year resolution. I particularly has never really seriously set one before. But I guess I've been through quite a lot in 2010 and have learn a few trades. I'm no longer a man without a mission, no longer a nomad, no longer a man who persuade a hippies lifestyle, no longer a man who does not which to be bounded by commitment. 

Working holiday to New Zealand was the major event on my 2010 calendar. Initially it was a plan to save a relationship but it turn up to teach me how to live without one. I have to admit that I'm that kind of person who simply can't live without having a partner. In fact, I have never been living without one for less than 3 weeks period over the past 9 years. However, 8 months in New Zealand has lighted up my mind and soul. I met some special genuine people, a most kind heart person I ever met. And I'm glad that you are moving on well too. NZ taught me how to leave and let go. It is time for me to focus on a lot of things in life that I've neglected and far left behind.

I believe it will never be too late to catch up. I'm not that far behind I suppose. My 2011 new year resolution is just as simple as to settle down with my career, move on to get a new place to stay, a car and hopefully, lastly a stable relationship. Of course, I have not entirely giving up to backpack a few countries that I wish to go. I guess it will not happen in the next two years.

And it has been a year as well, since I started blogging seriously. Well, at least I'm still keeping my blog active. That is another achievement for the year 2010. Happy December !! The month full of holy joly !!!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Westports KL Dragons VS Chang Thailand Slammers 77 -57. Yet another home win !!

Westport KL Dragons managed yet another home win tonight. The Thailand Slammers were the latest victim. We are just so tough at home by losing just one. Hopefully this form will carry on to the away game. The Dragons nailed a 20 points win against the current league leader, 77-57.  The team started off shaky but managed to hold it back and never look back since then. It wasnt the most interesting game really. I'm glad that we win. Chris Kuete returns to the MABA as a Slammer does really alter the fact that MABA stadium is one of the toughest away game to be for the opponent.

 Lets hope that the winning strike will continue and we will manage to score the second seat in the league. Thus, entitle us home ground advantage during the playoff.

 With Rudy, a crowd favourite Pinoy import. He is giving his 100% every game. No doubt on his dedication, his work rate. Down to earth. While, I just realized that Patrik Cabahug not only a pure shooter but this dude has got some trash talking skill on the court too. Good on you man !!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant @ The Gardens

 Having based at Mid Valley, I'm spoiled with variety of foods. Although you can pretty much ease your crave on simply any kind of cuisines, the price is not cheap either. Most of the time, I will have to pay shopping mall price for my work lunch.  Restaurant Fong Lye @ the Gardens specialized in Taiwanese cuisine. Located at the high end compound of the Mid Valley city, so be prepare to spend couple extra bucks.

 Anyway, the comfy, cozy ambiance will make sure your couple extra bucks well spent. Because you are having your lunch by sitting on a sofa!! 

Ginger chicken soup set meal. I had a sip of the soup and it tasted decent.

My braised pork leg rice set @ Rm19.90. The set completed with a bowl of rice topped with mince pork, ginseng chicken soup, salted vegs and a fried stuffed seafood.

 A close up on the braised porky leg. Taste wise, it was rather plain and I'm sure I have try soemthing better than this.

The Taiwanese chicken chop with noodles soup. The deep fried chicken chop is good with a little bit of spicy kick.

It has been two weeks since I resume my 9 to 6 routine. New colleagues, new job scopes, I'm still adapting myself. I hope I'm coping well. It is lovely to step in the office and greeted by a vibrant view of the KL city center. Have a nice weekend ^^

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