Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Year 2010

It is this time of the year again that everyone is planning their new year resolution. I particularly has never really seriously set one before. But I guess I've been through quite a lot in 2010 and have learn a few trades. I'm no longer a man without a mission, no longer a nomad, no longer a man who persuade a hippies lifestyle, no longer a man who does not which to be bounded by commitment. 

Working holiday to New Zealand was the major event on my 2010 calendar. Initially it was a plan to save a relationship but it turn up to teach me how to live without one. I have to admit that I'm that kind of person who simply can't live without having a partner. In fact, I have never been living without one for less than 3 weeks period over the past 9 years. However, 8 months in New Zealand has lighted up my mind and soul. I met some special genuine people, a most kind heart person I ever met. And I'm glad that you are moving on well too. NZ taught me how to leave and let go. It is time for me to focus on a lot of things in life that I've neglected and far left behind.

I believe it will never be too late to catch up. I'm not that far behind I suppose. My 2011 new year resolution is just as simple as to settle down with my career, move on to get a new place to stay, a car and hopefully, lastly a stable relationship. Of course, I have not entirely giving up to backpack a few countries that I wish to go. I guess it will not happen in the next two years.

And it has been a year as well, since I started blogging seriously. Well, at least I'm still keeping my blog active. That is another achievement for the year 2010. Happy December !! The month full of holy joly !!!



Anonymous said...

I wish you and hope that through your efforts,you can have your own house,car,and the partner!if your heart can firm,you will be more successful!!! bless you^^

dy said...

Hi there,

i found your blog while looking for more info on the WHV for NZ. i'm interested to apply and wondering how the process of application (of the visa) works and about how to find a job in NZ.. hope you can assist me since you've done it.. =)

Charles said...

Yeah...the application process is pretty straight forward...apply online( for it online...and within days u r good to go..

trust me..dont worry about going alone...u will eventually make friends there...u will enjoy was one hell of experiences to remember....

If u need contact on work..i can pass u some..
My facebook..u can add me..

dy said...

i'm gonna apply next year... but my main concern is that if i went, and come back after a year, it will be difficult for me to find a new job back in KL. going on a holiday for almost a year sounds fun!! but this is quite a big decision, i'm a bit worried if i screw things up. =/

anyway, which part of NZ you love the most?

Charles said...

no worries my friend...working holiday is something that is acceptable, perfectly well for most of the employer. In fact most of them do appreciate employee with international exposure. And I'm in recruitment industry now...maybe after a year..i will be able to assist you to get a job..never know.

Everyone likes south island. Queenstown is one of the most beautiful place to chill out, laid back. Have fun yo

Charles said...

And one more thing, u live life with no regret...u r still pretty young...go for it...if u r not bound by me it is once in ur life time experience

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