Friday, January 29, 2010

Restaurant Wei Yip @ Aman Suria, Sunway Mas - Mummy's home cooked meal

New eateries are blooming like mushrooms after the rain in Aman Suria, Sunway Mas area. Wei Yip is one of those new restaurant that you can enjoy nicely prepare home cooked delicacies in a very comfy ambiance. Restaurant Wei Yip's self proclaim famous fish head noodles is only available before the evening. They will have a different menu, a rather extensive one for dinner catering.

I noticed this eye-catching accessory on our dining table. It looks like an egg holder. But it turn up to be tubs to store seasoning and toothpicks in the middle.

We have a lady who love Dubai serving us tea. ^^

The water crest soup. Their used black chicken to boil the broth. Which means this bowl is suppose to be healthy and hearty just like mummy's home cooking.   

Assam kampung fish. Heavenly to go with a big bowl of warm rice. Literally you can't go wrong with any dishes which is sour and spicy. 

Wei Yip's braised duck is truly the big ticket item of the night. Nicely touch of herbs & five spices and the very succulent meat has fabricated perfect combination. It is very juicy to be savored and does not have the slight chewiness of a duck meat. Thumbs up .

we ordered ourselves Kangkung Belanchan as well. Just to have some greens to go with. Their's version is very flavorful yet not so spicy. Its too, getting recommendation votes from three of my dinner companions.

The dinner came out to be very reasonably charged with RM51. Considering that we are ordering half a duck.  Indeed a very delicious home cooking by Madam Lee. Only if you are wondering who she is ?

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Good Old Traditional Way of Char Kuey Teow

Sibu too, have their very own version of Char Kuey Teow. The mandarin description on the signboard indicating : Char Taugeh (Bean Sprouts) Kuey Teow. The stall is located in Aloha food court and judging by literally at least a plate on each table, you will know how well known their Kuey Teow is. When i was a primary school pupil, my father used to pack this version of char kuey teow very often for me. I still remember the "Da Bao" version usually been wrapped with newspaper. It is said that this method can actually keep the food warm.

Do not expect fancy ingredients such as cockles or prawns as in the Penang version. Our Char Kuey Teow is just as simple as how it should be. A lot of bean sprouts been fried together with egg and covered on the top of Kuey Teow. You have to mix the egg, bean sprouts and kuey teow with each of your serving. Lets us savor the very traditional way of Char Kuey Teow as much as how our parents used to enjoy it.

A plate of the medium portion is only priced @ RM2.50. ^^ 

Sugar Bun - The McDonald's of East Malaysia

I still remember there was this fast food restaurant right opposite Sacred Heart secondary school which was selling their hamburger at RM0.99 each. But none of this local fast food restaurant managed to sustain in this competitive industry. Sugar Bun as a fast food chain from Sarawak was the first of its kind in Sibu. They used to be Sibuian's favorite fast food right before McDonald's invasion. 

Sugar Bun has the status of the McDonalds of East Malaysia. They started off by just selling burgers and fried chickens. But now in order to stay competitive, their management bring in Asian fusion such as Nasi Lemak, Assam Fish Head, Char Kuey Teow, Claypot Rice plus western culinary including multiple kind of spaghetti. The comfy ambiance is just like any modern kopitian/fast food chain with WIFI connection at your convenience.  

Sugar Bun claimed their chicken are broasted fried instead of deep fried. It means that their chickens are been prepare on a pressure fryer. Broasted chicken  is said to be crispy on the outside and moist on the inside just like traditional fried chicken but less greasy.

So here we go, a piece of the broasted goodness to try on. It makes no different with any other fried chicken. But it was definitely above average. True as the description juicy from the inside.    

 Once a favorite of mine. Sugar Bun's signature fish fillet burger. I prefer theirs version than the McDonald's fillet-O-fish. Do not expect chunky fish patty as this is just a fillet. It is quite reasonably priced @ RM5.90 consider this rather inflated economy.

This is such a classic musical box. I reckoned you will only find this in both of the Sugar Bun chains. I used to insert RM 1 coin (when it was still in used maybe 12 years ago ?) into the machine in order to play my favorite tune. Those were the era of Backstreet boys and the SPICY girls. I wonder if this machine is still workable? Judged on its torn look, i highly doubt it. Yet another old time innovation failed to sustain in the fast pace reality.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Three Straight Wins for KL Dragons

I was glad to know that KL Dragons had strike three straight wins. Earlier on they managed to beat the top two teams of the Asean Basketball League(ABL) namely Philippine Patriots and Singapore Slingers. Today the Dragons succeeded another win against the Indonesian Satria Muda Britama with a tight score line 70 – 67 in Jakarta. Standing at the bottom spot of the six teams league two week ago. KL Dragons realized how much extra effort they need to secure themselves at least a position in the four teams playoff.   

Coach Goh must have convinced his players not to give up and to stay fingers crossed. Some beautiful display from both locals and import players, secured us three important wins. These keep the Dragons playoff hopes alive. We are now on the fourth position, the final spot of the playoff. Our chance very much depends on the final game between Brunie Barracudas against the Pinoy Patriots tomorrow. Hopefully the Patriots will keep their pride as a leading team of the league by surpassing the Brunei and bring us into the playoff.

I must says that none of the six ABL teams are superiorly dominating the league. In fact, the games have been competitive enough with every team is having the chance to keep the last smile. No doubt that the Philippines are doing excellent in the sports that they have been dominating in this region. The Philippinos are playing as import players for almost every team in the league.  Hopefully there will be more and more local Asean basketball players playing as import for each other teams in the future. The concept of ABL itself is a healthy one for the basketball scene in this region which previously lack of competitive platform of such kind. I wish the ABL will grow from strength to strength for many years to come. So does our KL Dragons.

Kudos to Jamal Brown with the leading statistics of 20 points and 11 rebounds. Fingers crossed and we going to be in the playoff.

When I Was In England.....

These were the memories in the Queen's nation.
A good four years of memories. @ York

The joys & tears @ The Forge, Sunderland

Particularly like the streets in England. Those high street fashions which surrounded by good old buildings. The melting pot of the past and present @ Leeds

And their lovely parks. The greens in the middle of  the hustle & bustle. Relaxing is the word. @ Hyde Park

The affair with the Queen's troop.

Those renown landmarks not to be missed. @ London

The very English gloomy weather. 

Great talent to be recognized. @ Bath

The very artistic mohawk piggy @ Bath 

Poetic atmosphere and the punting with thousand years of history. @ Cambridge

 Fabricated such a meaningful masterpiece. @ Cambridge University

 The Sherlock Holmes' way of transport.

Sunderland, thanks for the memorable chill.

 And finally, when i kissed......

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sibu Pasar Malam ( Night Market )

I decided to head down to the pasar malam (Night Market) tonight since there is no home cooking.

If you are in search for something exotic, you will be disappointed. The closest you can get here is the different parts of Oink Oink (Piggy) either braised or deep fried. As for the more adventurous gluttons, i will suggest you head to some of the Sunday Market in rural town. You might be able to get some rather exotic wild life there. 

Instead of the usual chicken or beef Satay, this stall serves chicken butt or if you call it the bishop's nose, chicken heart and liver Satay. Which i got myself one each to try out. It cost RM 1 per skewer. 

They also have these really big grilled fishes that I'm really tempted to try. Hmm...perhaps next time around.  

The Siow Bee/Siu Mai in Sibu. 5 for RM2.

The Tao Fu Hua. I prefer the one in Sibu here as they don't use caramelized sugar as their soup base. Hence less sweet.

I was rather disappointed at first. I thought it was just another porky Bun. Till i tasted this Chinese Sausage in it. Well, that was what I'm paying for anyway. The combination of Chinese sausage in Bao is something rather new to my taste bud. Not bad at all. 

I spent nearly 15 bucks on street food in the night market itself. This is rather on the high end as of Sibu's dining standard. I find the food rather disappointing. The Pasar Malam once was a crave for me but it does not suit my taste bud anymore. I wonder if i started to be picky on food ??

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hell !! I Thought It Turn Into A PORN Site......

I was a little surprise today when i "accidentally" came across a blog which is using the same template as mine. I would have expected that as the template was one of those's default. That is the consequence when you are too lazy to customize one yourself. 

But I feel unease to share the same template with a blog like this one.

You can expect what is this gonna be if i will to do a screen shot a little further down. Heck !! I was sharing the template with a PORN site all this while. This is definitely not something to be proud of. 

I spent the entire afternoon to search for another template for my blog's make over. I was having a tough time to fit the Nuffnang header ad banner into most of the template. But I'm glad that i found one at last.

I'm praying that there isn't another PORN site sharing the similar template again. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


There are quite a few blogs that really inspire me. Reading those blogs have become part of my daily chores. I did sensed that blogging can be addictive yet need a lot of effort to keep it going. are one of the earliest blog that i get myself obsessed with. His topics ranged from food entries around KL/PJ area to his home town Penang. Can't go wrong with recommendation from glutton like him. - Through KY's blog i get to know this dude, Huai Bin. On a very sudden occasion, i get to know that this dude was living in the same condominium with me. That he is from Sibu as well. as a rather unique way of writing and i'm not going to elaborate much about HB's background. Notorious is all i can say. - This blog has always keep me updated with food back in my home town. Whenever I'm home sick or when I'm craving for that little plate of Kampua, Sarawak Laksa. This blog is my remedy. I started reading without realizing who is the man behind this masterpiece. Till one day, I found out that this man is my ex-English teacher. What a world !! And now i take reading his blog as flipping through free newspaper in the early morning as he usually update his in the morning. - Kim Ong, a gorgeous, elegant young lady who get married to our national cyclist Josiah Ng and now resides in the land of Kangaroo. is most probably the only lady's blog that i frequent my visit to everyday. I find her cooking post very inspiring indeed. Needless to say she is daring and creative enough to mix & match almost any kind of ingredients. This blog give me the urge to get my hands dirty down in the kitchen.

The Malaysian Blogosphere are indeed at their very own peak. With Blog, everyone and anyone can be a writer. There is no restriction, no limitation. You are only restricted by your own creativity.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cobra VS Python

A fierce battle of the mother nature. The brutal killing between a python and a cobra in order to sustain in the living cycle. It just so happened in our society that human beings of different races are trying to get rid of each other instead of living with mutual respect in a country of so much diversity. Be prepare to get wounded on both parties.

When a Sibu-ian Trying to Mimic Kuching's Kolo Mee..

I went to e-cafe for my breakfast today. Although I had been warned by SuiTuaPui’s post  that the kolo mee there is nothing near the original version, I still decided to give it a damn try instead of the recommended Laksa.  

True as what been described by SuiTuaPui, presentation wise it was perfect. Taste wise it was rather bias toward Sibuian's Kampua mee than the Kuching version. The only linking point that i noticed was the rather red in color sauce (red coloring from the so called char siew ?)  that they used to "lou" the noodles and some minced meat on top. I opted for extra "Bian Siek" with RM1 extra.  

A usual RM3 bowl will serve you with two pork balls, two fish balls, boiled red color meats (I'm not going to call that char siew) some minces and vegs. It was a great steal considering the amount of ingredients that you get @ RM3. Still rather pleasant to savor if you treat it as Kampua Special instead of Kolo Mee. As it just does not do our Kuching counterpart any justice.

On the other hand, i have been taking rather heavy lunch and dinner everyday. My mom will stuff her cooking full in a metal plate. I need to force myself with this portion for dinner even my lunch is only 20% digested in my stomach. The portion is just a little too huge that makes the process of savoring like a race against food. I know it is all about love. I know how much i will miss my mom's cooking again when I'm oversea. 


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