Wednesday, January 20, 2010


There are quite a few blogs that really inspire me. Reading those blogs have become part of my daily chores. I did sensed that blogging can be addictive yet need a lot of effort to keep it going. are one of the earliest blog that i get myself obsessed with. His topics ranged from food entries around KL/PJ area to his home town Penang. Can't go wrong with recommendation from glutton like him. - Through KY's blog i get to know this dude, Huai Bin. On a very sudden occasion, i get to know that this dude was living in the same condominium with me. That he is from Sibu as well. as a rather unique way of writing and i'm not going to elaborate much about HB's background. Notorious is all i can say. - This blog has always keep me updated with food back in my home town. Whenever I'm home sick or when I'm craving for that little plate of Kampua, Sarawak Laksa. This blog is my remedy. I started reading without realizing who is the man behind this masterpiece. Till one day, I found out that this man is my ex-English teacher. What a world !! And now i take reading his blog as flipping through free newspaper in the early morning as he usually update his in the morning. - Kim Ong, a gorgeous, elegant young lady who get married to our national cyclist Josiah Ng and now resides in the land of Kangaroo. is most probably the only lady's blog that i frequent my visit to everyday. I find her cooking post very inspiring indeed. Needless to say she is daring and creative enough to mix & match almost any kind of ingredients. This blog give me the urge to get my hands dirty down in the kitchen.

The Malaysian Blogosphere are indeed at their very own peak. With Blog, everyone and anyone can be a writer. There is no restriction, no limitation. You are only restricted by your own creativity.


suituapui said...

Thanks for the special mention. Did I teach you before? You were in SHS too? Can't remember...must dig out the old school mags to have a look. Old man liao!

Charles said...

Yeah STP...i was in SHS too. But it was like 7 years ago....i'm getting older too lol

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