Saturday, January 23, 2010

When I Was In England.....

These were the memories in the Queen's nation.
A good four years of memories. @ York

The joys & tears @ The Forge, Sunderland

Particularly like the streets in England. Those high street fashions which surrounded by good old buildings. The melting pot of the past and present @ Leeds

And their lovely parks. The greens in the middle of  the hustle & bustle. Relaxing is the word. @ Hyde Park

The affair with the Queen's troop.

Those renown landmarks not to be missed. @ London

The very English gloomy weather. 

Great talent to be recognized. @ Bath

The very artistic mohawk piggy @ Bath 

Poetic atmosphere and the punting with thousand years of history. @ Cambridge

 Fabricated such a meaningful masterpiece. @ Cambridge University

 The Sherlock Holmes' way of transport.

Sunderland, thanks for the memorable chill.

 And finally, when i kissed......


suituapui said...

I love England - loved Bath. I was in Plymouth... Btw, isn't it supposed to Hyde Park?

Charles said...

The Queen's nation treated me well during my stay there....Bath was one of my fav chilling and laid back eii...

OOPppss...spelling mistake...thanks for reminding by the way

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