Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When a Sibu-ian Trying to Mimic Kuching's Kolo Mee..

I went to e-cafe for my breakfast today. Although I had been warned by SuiTuaPui’s post  that the kolo mee there is nothing near the original version, I still decided to give it a damn try instead of the recommended Laksa.  

True as what been described by SuiTuaPui, presentation wise it was perfect. Taste wise it was rather bias toward Sibuian's Kampua mee than the Kuching version. The only linking point that i noticed was the rather red in color sauce (red coloring from the so called char siew ?)  that they used to "lou" the noodles and some minced meat on top. I opted for extra "Bian Siek" with RM1 extra.  

A usual RM3 bowl will serve you with two pork balls, two fish balls, boiled red color meats (I'm not going to call that char siew) some minces and vegs. It was a great steal considering the amount of ingredients that you get @ RM3. Still rather pleasant to savor if you treat it as Kampua Special instead of Kolo Mee. As it just does not do our Kuching counterpart any justice.

On the other hand, i have been taking rather heavy lunch and dinner everyday. My mom will stuff her cooking full in a metal plate. I need to force myself with this portion for dinner even my lunch is only 20% digested in my stomach. The portion is just a little too huge that makes the process of savoring like a race against food. I know it is all about love. I know how much i will miss my mom's cooking again when I'm oversea. 



镜中人 said...

Try to appreciate whatever you had right now..and Look forward to better life..Dun keep "spinning" at the same place..^^ You can't imagine how big is this world..

Anonymous said...

the noodle doesnt look temptating already..in kch alot of famous plc competiting even smts duno whre to eat but i seldom eat.. ;)

ah nel

Charles said...

MeMirrorMe : Thanks for the very wise advice. Appreciate that ^_^

Ah nel : i will be heading to kch soon..kolo mee is a must try..will not miss that.

emencer said...


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