Monday, January 18, 2010

A Sibu-ian's Sunday

 Whenever I'm back in Sibu,  i will usually do things that i don't frequent. For instance, I wake up early to attend a Sunday mass. Well, not the one in Vatican City but St. Teressa's Church @ Sungai Antu.

Then I ordered Tomato Kuey Teow during my family lunch at Chui Shian Court. If i will to order my "Wa Tan Hor" in KL with tomato sauce i wonder what will be the respond from the "Dai Chow" Sifu ? And i paid only RM3.50 for this plate and what ?? Rm5.50 in KL ??

Fried fish fillet with Oat. My first affair on this was in Sibu too. It was like a new trend when i first had it 7 years ago. This version is everywhere now. We paid RM 7 here in Sarawak and what ??? RM15 in KL.

They named it three colors egg. Century egg + salted egg + your normal egg. Creative enough but taste wise it failed miserably.

The Yu Lung San Tien En Si Temple/Pagoda. One of the symbolic tourism spot here in Sibu. Only if we do have a tourism industry.

The ever mighty Rejang river. The heart and soul of the indigenous.

The Kong Piang sharing the same crown with Kampua as the pride of Sibu's Foo Chaow. The Kong Piang are usually served in two different version, dry and wet. I prefer the soggy wet version.

Five flavor soup. Light and refreshing. Its status is like the cup of tea during the English tea time.

By the night, i find myself hardly have an inch in my stomach for extra food. But i still forced myself with this flat noodles version of Kampua for supper. All simply because it is very cheap. RM 2.20 for a plate. How can i resist that ?

And NO...I'm not exotic enough to savor this good creature. I'm not a big animal lover. But this one is just too adorable.


suituapui said...

Where's Chui Sian? Sounds familiar... Oh! You go to the Chinese mass at St 3's! Should go to Choon Seng coffee shop at Sg Merah.

Anonymous said...

at first i thot only 5yrs since i last visited sibu and it came up such a huge

i thot tomato kueh tiao only with tamato gravy while those with eggs called gong hu cha??

ah nel

misaMisaN said...

kom piaaaa... wa aiii....

Charles said...

STP : I'm pretty sure u have been to Chui sian(If i spelled it correctly) b4. Was flipping through ur old ost regarding choon they are famous for kampua , laksa and porridge huh ?

Ah Nel : I think those with egg is Hua dang Kuey teow lol

Misamisan : Yeah..Kompia is great

jfook said...

Kuchingnite here. I love Kong Piah!

Charles said...

jfook : i'm heading to Kuching soon...pretty sure i will enjoy ur home town.

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