Monday, January 11, 2010

Glutton's Journey - Penang (The Pearl of The Orient) Day 3

Penang Version of Hakka Mee.

 Curry Mee With Pork Blood. The soup was sweet. You need to add in the Chilli paste to generate that spicy kick.

Kapitan's Nasi Kandar. The pride of Penang.

 Sambal Squid, Curry Fish, Honey Chicken, Vegs and Ghee Rice @ RM10.50.

 Flooded with lots of mixed curry gravy

Road side Wantan Mee. Dull.

We should have another round of supper. Should we?


el said...

i think i cannot recognise both of u after this penang food too too much~~~~hahaha....enjoy~

suituapui said...

Would certainly help if you give the name of the places. Nasi Kandar RM10.50 only for that? Quite cheap already. I don't go to those shops anymore...after being slaughtered left, right and centre!!!

Charles said...

El - I'm gaining weight. Tony lost his weight. He was complaining that i restricted his food consume by insisting on sharing every meals.

STP - Throat cutting is everywhere. But Kapitan Nasi Kandar at Lebuh Chulia seen to have quite a good review among the locals.

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