Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Glutton's Penang Journey - Final Recap

Georgetown is a lovely island city surrounded by crystal clear seafront. You can find a great mixture of the modern and the traditional. The heritage site in the central of Georgetown has enlightened me on the era of Francis Light landing as well as the earlier immigrants' life.   

Been labeled as the food paradise in Malaysia. You can find street hawker stores at literally every corner of the street. 

Public transport can be a very convenient way to travel around Georgetown with their Rapid Penang. The service is true to its name "Rapid". A much appreciated option than the cut throat taxi service in town.

Or you can take Komtar, the tallest of Penang as a landmark when you get yourself lost. Need no worries as you will see this skyscraper in almost every corner of Georgetown too.  

The Kek Lok Si temple a Penang tourism's pride. A must visit if you want to do the usual tourist route. 

A peace symbol that Adolf Hitler was adapting too. 

Nutmeg juice, i had more than 10 cups of these when i was there. Refreshing. Apart from juice, nutmeg is available for medical purpose and pickled dry fruit. 

A magnificent view of Georgetown from the Penang Hill. It is advisable to do both Kek Lok Si Temple and Penang Hill visits in the same day as both are relatively near to each other. Yeah, the tall building is Komtar. You will never get lost.    

A lane to keep their loving affairs hence the name.

Food wise it was rather disappointing as we were only limited to the town area as well as Gurney Drive. We did not pose our own transport to hunt around the whole Penang for food. Perhaps next time around. 

I lost big part of my Penang's photo shots and that was the biggest upset of the trip.



Anonymous said...

how can u lost pictures? auto delete mode perhaps?

Charles said...

Unknown - It's a virus attack on me phone..sad

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