Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Char Siew War @ Aman Suria

A stiff Char Siew battle is going on in this peaceful lovely Aman Suria neighborhood. We, the gluttons are the one who benefit the most from their rivalry.

Restaurant Famous Seremban Char Siew is well known for their Hakka Mee along with their BBQ pork. Please find my previous entry on this restaurant here.   

Curry Wantan Mee with Char Siew @ Kopitian 747. This Vietnamese version is induced by lemon grass and mint leave. The indochina touch make it stand up from the usual curry mee. The texture of the Char Siew appeared to be a little rough to my standard even though i ordered half lean half fat. 

Restaurant Char Siew Chai is actually a chain restaurant. Their latest chain landed in Aman Suria, a neighborhood that started to become so synonym to Char Siew lovers. This restaurant has a rather unique way of preparing the noodles. The "Sifu" will throw and flip the noodles a few times in the air. This is claimed to reduce the moisture of the noodles which make their noodles so springy to taste.

All three restaurants are located merely few shops away from each other. This healthy competition has bring more eatery choices to the neighborhood. Each restaurant have their favorite visitors. My personal vote goes to Restaurant Famous Seremban for their caramelized crispy coating and melt in the mouth inner texture.    


suituapui said...

Dunno all these places. All look good except maybe the curry wantan mee - I think I'll pass on that one. Not into fusion dishes!

Charles said...

haha..i don't mind to go fusion once a while though...for a chance

dano said...

I have tried Famous Seremban (tenderrrr!) but not the other two.

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