Friday, January 08, 2010

San Jian Chuang Hakka Mee + Tan Chao Bucket Mixed Congee @ Digital Mall

The name "San Jian Chuang" is so familiar among people in KL/PJ.  It left me wondering what on earth is that ? A town ? A place ?  

Okay. A little history lesson here. Once there was this famous meatball stall which was annexed in between two other shops at the road junction. Henceforth, the regular customers named it as "San Jian Chuang" or "three adjacent shops". Now the name "San Jian Chuang" is well known and synonym to meatball lovers.

I had this "San Jian Chuang" Hakka Mee as breakfast this morning. It sort of reminds me of Kuching Kolo Mee but served with Chinese Sausage and meatball soup instead. It was "kolo" with pork oil as the base and slightly peppery. 

 Tang Chao is a little restaurant set up in Digital Mall. This is the only eatery you can find in this technology conquered mall.

This bucket is on literally every customer's table. So i decided to give it my virgin test today.

Mixed Congee. My choice on their bucket version. Braised peanuts, salted veg, shredded chicken, fish fillets, salted egg, century egg and sliced ginger. It was enjoyable. It costs me an arm and a leg @ RM9. I guess if they will have to present it in a normal bowl the price will be few bucks cheaper.


suituapui said...

It certainly looks like kolo mee...and the porridge looks good too! Love porridge these days - no more teeth, easier to eat! LOL!!!

Charles said...

To STP : porridge is always a fav of this the sign of aging ?

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