Sunday, January 03, 2010

Bar BQ Plaza @ One Utama

I was in One Utama today to try out Bar BQ Plaza. This is a steamboat + Barbecue restaurant chain originated from Thailand. I guess this explained my doubt on their advertisement which is always in Thai. The base in One Utama was their first branch outside Thailand.

You start of the barbecue by placing pork lard on the top of the grill. The heat will then melt the lard to generate oil for more succulent BBQ process. You can do your usual barbecue grill on the middle of the pot and "steamboating" on the side.

I had their supreme mix set, which comes with sliced chicken, beef sirloin , pork, bacon, squids, shrimps, Udon noodles and cabbages.

The freshness of the ingredient and the sauce are equally important at eatery like this. However, Bar BQ plaza failed miserably to my standard. It was indeed well below par with those frozen dry out meats and vegetables. This is the type of restaurant that I will have both my first and last visit on the same day.

The bacon is the finest to be barbecued. Sadly we had only four tiny slices. 

The Cambodian steamboat that I had in Siem Reap was a way better version. At least I sensed sincerity from the restaurant to their customer. I felt well worth the value that I spent on. 


c0co said...

times square also gt orhx!!nice i love it!~*-*

jfook said...

Nice. Tempting. the price wise?

Charles said...

Coco : Yeah..i think they have one in sunway too

Jfook : Supreme Mixed set goes for RM31.90. Cater for two actually

Hwi Chen said...

yes... they hav one in sunway.. i tried before~~

Sherry said...

oh.. yummy.. wanna try this in april

JoinMe said...

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P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

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