Monday, November 01, 2010

Westports KL Dragons VS Brunei Barracudas - The 5 VS 1

I'm glad that Asean Basketball League(ABL) is burning hot into their second season. With its rather successful inaugural 2009/2010 season, the ABL is getting a lot more attention from not only the fans but the sponsors too. Datuk Tony Fernandes is the man behind the ABL masterpiece and his Airline is now the official sponsor of the league. Our KL Dragons is now known as Westports KL Dragons, a name change for good as they are getting more financial injection into the team. It is the financial boost that brought us two great imports, ex-Sacremento Kings Nakiea Miller and Alex Hartman.

We managed to seal off the match against Brunei Barracudas with 87-48. The Barracudas called off the match with only one player left in the court during the 4th quarter. While the rest six were foul out. The Bruneian begun the match with only 7 players as the rest were caught with eye infection. The Dragons start off the match strong with players hitting on 3 points. Soon there was no turning back from the our boys and the match was left time dragging to us, the fans. Perhaps a little more professionalism is required from some of our players. Fair enough that we are leading, there is still commitment required to finish off the game. You guys are not great enough to take any professional game lightly. Commitment and attitude are the key elements if you dare enough to call yourself a professional player playing in a professional league. Chen Li Wei, I had been reserving my judgment on his play all this while. He has been know to make countless mistake by some of the fans. But to me it wasn't his mistake that frustrating me, it was his level of professionalism that got me questioning. He seems to be on his sleeping mode during his very limited playing time today.  Lets not forget that,  us the fans are indirectly paying some part of your salary too. We deserve 100% from you as much as your coach who scream his heart out. So does some of your team mates who always giving their best. Li Wei, they deserve your support as well. Please play your part.
My highlight of the night, the cheering ladies. At least they have a better bunch of cheerleaders this season. Much more eye-catching outfit, energetic enough to rock the court.

The match was left with controversial with the Brunei fans claiming for a rematch on Facebook. They believe that the game should have been postponed due to the lack of players. Brunei fans also claimed that this is a Malaysian owned league and the owner wanted favour towards KL team. What a mess ehh...God Bless Air Asia ABL.


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