Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to become a Gangster ? Open Vacancy

Secret society exists ever since the day human being started defining between the poor and the rich. Botak Chin and Kalimuthu were two of the infamous notorious gangster of their time in Malaysia. They were both claimed to use Siamese "bomoh" black magic to survive from numerous Police rampage. They were the cult figure of the under world but Robin Hood to many of the poor. They were known to help the poor with part of their spoils. Yeah, black and white is only separate by a mere border line. Does the grey zone exist ? You set your own parameter, your own standard.

So if you are driven to be a gangster, or rather a Robin Hood like the lates. These will be the criteria a.k.a Jobs Scopes.

1) Should be daring and willing to fight anyone. (minimum 1 years experience)
2) Should handle weapons diligently. (knowledge on knifes, parangs and short guns are essential)
3) Should have been locked up in jail at least once.
4) Have a few marks and sign of stitches in a visible place in their body(To mark that they have been in a few fights)
5) Possed own transport and willing to travel to any school to fight.
6) Willing to fight extra hours just to protect the field.
7) Should be able to speak vulgar words fluently in English, knowledge in vulgar words in other language such as Chinese, Malay and Tamil will be an added advantage.

Interested candidates are invited to APPLY ONLINE submitting a detailed resume together with current and expected salary.

(Only shortlisted candidates will be notified)


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