Monday, February 01, 2010

I'm a Single Man...........

It has been a hectic one week. A week which suppose to be full scheduled with farewell gathering with friends before i leave for New Zealand. But it turn up that i broke up with my girlfriend and i lost my phone (left it in a Taxi) in the same week. What a week indeed. These spoiled my mood. My mood to meet friends as a happy me rather than a moody one.

I got myself Sony Ericsson G900 yesterday. This is a smart phone, a rather cheap smart phone with WIFI, touch screen and 5mp camera. I'm pretty satisfy with this babe after a day of using. Priced @ RM650 plus a 2 GB memory card, I learn to appreciate its abilities. But the camera function seem to be a little off standard though.

Anyway, life move on. And I hope baby you will enjoy the single life that you has been demand for. I hope i will enjoy mine too. It has been tough without you by my side. 


kenwooi said...

you'll get thru it.. and buy a new phone as well =)

Charles said...

Cheers has never been easy

Anonymous said...

time will be the best medicine..

Hwi Chen

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