Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Diang Biang Hu - Exotic of Sibu

The "Diang Biang Hu" stand along with Kampua and Kompia as the three representative of Sibu Foo Chow's culinary culture. Unlike the other two, the Diang Biang Hu receive relatively lesser attention in terms of fame. It is very rare to find this delicacy outside of Sarawak. There is a  stall at the narrow alley of Blacksmith street which is so synonym with this traditional delicacy. I had their version with extra ingredients added. Priced @ RM3 a bowl, it comes with pork slices, home made fish balls, cuttle fish, black fungus and golden needle flower.  ^^ 

As the name suggested "Diang" is the wok, "Biang as the side of the wok and "Hu" is the grinded rice paste.  The grinded rice paste will be splited to the pre-heat wok. This will form a thin layer across the wok. The "sifu" will then crush the layer of the rice goodness into the wok and cook it with soup before served with ingredients wanted.

Krim Soda in a Carlsberg recycle bottle. This is a "Made in Sibu" soft drink. A soft drink that I personally enjoy a lot when I was little. The "Zhu Jian" Sarsi and krim soda. Pure classic and only goes @ RM 1.20.


Anonymous said...

look like pan mee... hwichen

suituapui said...

Lots of people love it - a must have when in Sibu, but not me. Had it once cos I wanted to post on it...and I could not finish one bowl! I never could not finish anything! LOL!!! Ngo Kian - we used to drink that when we were kids - 20 sen a bottle! Couldn't afford CocaCola or F&N orange! LOL!!!

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