Saturday, February 06, 2010

Aquaria KLCC - The Ocean Attack In The Heart of KL

How perfect can life be when you are spending a lovely afternoon in once the tallest of the world, the Petronas Twin Tower. The weather was so brilliant that I don't even feel like wanted to dine in any of those fancy restaurant in Suria KLCC. Well...I had to admit that I'm on tight budget lately. Thus, i packed myself a KFC value lunch to savor outdoor "alfresco" style in the KLCC park.

This park is in fact the most well maintain in our country. Partly because this is the central of tourism in KL and a lot of foreign expatriates are living around this area.   

  If you have some free time to kill. Be sure to visit the Aquaria KLCC. The little ocean in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. This is where your journey of ocean begin.

By paying only RM25 as a Maybank card holder, i get the chance to touch that little silky bambo shark. One of the lady visitor commented that "The skin is as smooth as LV bag !!" LMFAO

  The geckos and tarantulas on display. Weird people are keeping them as pet now.

The Piranhas from the Amazon river. They are well-known for their razor sharp teeth and strong jaws. These cute little fishes can indeed bite of your finger with literally just one single attempt !!

Arapaima, a giant creature from the notorious Amazon. Among the biggest in the South American river.

 The Aquaria KLCC have an ocean tunnel as well. Where you can experience water creatures swimming around you. 

Such as a stingray which keep on smiling at me ?

Or even a shark above me ?? The shark very much prefer other ocean creatures as their meal rather than a human being. 

If you are terrified by this ocean experience then get yourself New Zealand Natural ice cream to cool off. Priced @ Rm14.90 for 3 scoops, this is no cheap ice cream. It is very, very, very good. Actually, it is way better than just good. Impossibly delicious, I should say. 


kenwooi said...

nice sea creatures.. never been to the place before.. thanks for sharing the pics.. =)

Candlelyn said...

thanks for dropping msg at my blog!
nice view, nice photos!
I also love New Zealand Natural ice cream too, but i'm too poor to have it, T_T

suituapui said...

Tried the NZ ice cream once in Singapore - didn't like it. Prefer the sinful, creamy rich ice ice cream should be!

Anonymous said...

ice cream...

Charles said...

To Kenwooi : Worth a visit mate.

To Candlelyn : It is okay to pamper urself with NZ natural once in a while

To STP : I did enjoy NZ natural though. But the sinful filthy rich one is everyone fav anyway

To El : Ok lo....i buy u ice cream lo

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