Sunday, February 28, 2010

From the KiwiLand

I guess this will be my first post without any photo. WIFI is rather uncommon really in Christchurch. Or rather shall I said a free WIFI is very difficult to find here. An established cafe like Starbucks does not even serve Internet to their customer. I do have a lot of photos that I will like to share and true enough that New Zealand is a sceneric nation where awesome photo can be taken simply from every corner.

Apparently people has been comparing Christchurch to Cambridge of England. Partly because of its Avon river and punting. Christchurch is much bigger than Cambridge. It is a city with a main cathedral and a square where a lot of street bunkers will be sharing their talents. Christchurch's weekend seem to be rather quiet with a lot of shops not operating their business. I can only feel the buzz during the night when the party goers started to flood the clubbing zone.

To be Cont.....


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