Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How To Turn Yourself Into a Vending Machine...

The great people from the nation of the rising sun have yet again come out with another great invention. To turn yourself into a soft drink vending machine !! WTF !! This is said to avoid any potential harm and to defeat the raping crime.So you can wear it as a usual skirt and transform yourself into a vending machine in seconds. An inspiration from the Ninja transforming art. Good grief. 

The Japanese are smart people indeed. What if that criminal want to buy a drink from the vending machine that you just transformed yourself into ? need to be a running vending machine then.


Stefanie said...

Aha, I saw this long time ago. They are very creative but sometimes I think they are just too free. :D

Kenzo said...

hahah! this is cooooL!

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