Friday, February 19, 2010

Christchurch Cougars

Christchurch Cougars is a professional basketball team which is at it first year in the New Zealand's National basketball League (NBL).  The Cougars are replacing Canterbury Rams as the only professional basketball team in the region of Canterbury. I'm glad to know that there is a local basketball team for me to support as I'm about to travel to Christchurch next week. As what I did when I was in Sunderland, with the Newcastle eagles and Kuala Lumpur with the KL Dragons.

I was over the moon when i received this email from the General Manager of the Cougars in respond to my inquiry about a possible job opportunity in the team. Of course, not as a basketball player but anything possible will do me a big favor. As working in an overseas basketball environment has always being a dream of mine. Lets hope this is the first step towards the thousand miles. To Carille, that is certainly very kind of you. Cheers !!


suituapui said...

Good luck in Christchurch! Too bad not Wellington, otherwise can help take care of my daughter there! LOL!!!

Charles said...

Cheers. Haha...ur daughter is doing just fine in Wellington no worries about that...i guess this is the thing as being a parents are doing the same about Raymond too

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