Monday, February 08, 2010

Dinner @ Good Happiness Restaurant Sibu

I went to Good Happiness Restaurant last night with my family for an annal dinner of some Insurance firm. The dinner was set the way as in any usual Chinese wedding dinner will be. Or maybe rather in the favor of Sibuian Chinese. This was a dinner that I had long anticipated for. I had not been to such dinner for more than 5 years now and needless to say I miss it so so much.

Ever since I was little, I always get excited with the first course. The mix platter. It will usually be either a cold platter or a hot one. Good happiness restaurant has been thoughtful enough with their presentation. The lighting was switch off while the whole floor was only lighten up by the flame in the platter set.

And when the lighting resume, the platter was already 20% gone !!

The shark fin soup with very limited fins.

Grilled chicken. 

Steam "unknown" fish. Nian Nian You Yu.

 Mixed set of broccolis, mushrooms, squids, chickens, shrimps.

BBq pork with Kangkung. Yes..they served us kangkung too #@$%

Siow Bee(Dumpling) with Sweet Yam.

 And the dessert to round off.

The dinner was rather forgettable for me. But the organizing committee had been kind and thoughtful enough to instead giving out RM 1 in an Ang Pao to each and everyone of us. They opted for a Mega Toto lucky number. Which the return can be millions. Only if the lady luck is on your side. 



SpiderLily said...

omg. u just made me craving for shark fin. T.T

suituapui said...

Did you strike? Food looks ok. I've a wedding luncheon there on the 19th... Ex-student getting married.

Charles said...

To STP : Nope...the lady luck is not on my usual...hahaha

Ik Ging said...

wow... enjoy reading ur blog! keep it up! :)

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