Saturday, November 06, 2010

Isnt Julie Woon hot & spicy ?

The Quickie on 8TV last night was featuring Prem and this lady, Julie Woon as hosts. Since it was Deepavali night, the topic was none other than the festival of lights itself. Prem has been my favourite DJ on FLY fm rush hour. Anyway, Julie was little annoying that she kept on doing the Indian head shake(head bobble) as it was the Deepavali. Wouldn't it be a little discriminating ? No doubt, Julie Woon is one hell of a hot chick. I googled her this morning and to my surprise she actually have a lot of explosive photos online. Hmm.....quite scandalous for a public figure like her.

It has been two weeks since I came back from NZ. I'm busy with job hunting, interviewing and eating. Hopefully good fortune will arrive next week as how Deepavali is going to bring a series of light to bright up my future. I miss those deep blue sky of NZ and the laid back-ness so so much. Malaysian's sky seems to be a little too cloudy or perhaps hazy in a point that I cannot see the blue. The colour of sky can very much define my mood though just as how a bad weather can lead moody mode. Anyway, have a lovely weekend ahead.

Happy Diwali ^^


ken said...

just okay to me :)

Charles said...

haha..she seems perfect for me though

suituapui said...

Huh? You're back in NZ again? Wow...jet-setting kah?

Terbakor said...

she was so so so hot lol

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