Saturday, November 20, 2010

Garden @ The Curve

I first spotted Garden in Wang Utama and I'm amazed by their garden themed deco. As its name suggested, this eatery brings a dining experience as if you are enjoying your meal in the garden. A rather fancy garden. It was their another outlet at the Curve that we decided to have our lunch today with a friend from Taiwan, Fran.

 Chicken Teriyaki with french beans and mash potatoes @ RM18.90. The sauce has nothing near to the real thing, it was rather just grilled chicken with sweet soy sauce perhaps. 

 Salted egg yolk fried rice @ RM15.90. The yolks are indeed tempting. With fair bit of this salted goodness on top, it does carry that extra kick to their rather plain fried rice.

 Spaghetti seaood Marinara @ RM18.90. Real tomato crushes were used together with mussel, clams and prawns. Not bad at all. Fair enough.
 Nasi Lemak @ RM15.90 for our Taiwanese Fran. Well, at least she is happy with our national dish.

 And yours truly grilled Barramundi @ RM18.90. Served with sauted vegs, mash potatoes and burned butter sauce. I find the taste of their food rather on the plain side. You are pretty much enjoying the nature taste of the ingredients instead of fancy flavoring.

Our desserts, lime flavour jelly cheese cake and chocolate cheese cake with black sesame were top notch.I really enjoy these two tiny piece of cakes. Named as the Gardens and Luscious, thought little pricy @ RM8.90 per piece. I salute the creative taste of almond, black sesame and dark fine chocolates of the Luscious piece. While, the jelly based of the Gardens bring that unique texture of a non-baked cheese cake. Of course, awesome food will never complete without great company. Fran, enjoy your stay in Malaysia and safe flight to Australia. Have a great one yo.


Anonymous said...

your lunch looks very nice!*-*

Charles said...

mm....not bad at all ^^

suituapui said...

You're still in KL? Oooo...the food looks really good. Prices a bit steep but may be considered comparatively reasonable at high-end places like this one. Dirt cheap, if converted to NZ$!

Anonymous said...

western food tends to be bland lah!
dont you know how to enjoy it?
youre supposed to add your own salt and pepper if needed.

some places make the western food over salted
eg The Ship and hawker stalls.

Bland means you can taste the original flavour of the meat/ fish/ chicken, with the sauce that is not too salty!!!

proper western food ( meat/ chic/ fish ) should not be " salty"...

chinese dishes are different style - everything is flavoured inside together and you eat it with plenty rice.

get it?
you probable know it out of habit but forget that western food is...well, BLANDer than malaysian or chinese food!!!

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