Sunday, November 07, 2010

Char Siew Wantan Mee @ Famous Seremban, Aman Suria

So instead of the usual signature Hakka Mee @ Famous Seremban Restaurant,  I opted for their Wantan Mee with Char Siew this morning. The Char Siew is still as marvelous. Half fat half lean, perfect combination. They are still in fact the leading BBQ pork establishment in this "Char Siew Street" of Aman Suria. It just that I'm never a fan of a Hong Kong style Wantan Mee. I often find the dish over indulge by the taste of the dark soy sauce. This one makes no different as well. Perhaps the only light up point is that the noodles is springy as how it suppose to be and you are complement by two tiny Wantan in the soup. Hakka Mee is still my fav as it seems to be the closest to Kampua back home. Anyway a large Char Siew Wantan goes @ RM5.30 and is a dollar cheaper than the large Char Siew Hakka version.



suituapui said...

Not really a fan of wantan mee - the noodles and the oily char siew sauce...but I love the char siew and the wantan in the soup.

thenomadGourmand said...

I think its best too! 747 i dont like.

Oh yea, I came over frm Marcky's blog. ;)
totally agree with u on the Cempaka Village NL. I didnt think much of the NL either, nor the chic or sambal.
The duck egg kuey teow?
Dont get me started ;p

So ur from up north?
Explains the good taste in food *wink*

Charles said...

STP : Agreed. I'm just so get used to kampua, wantan mee just some how lack that bit of porky taste.

rebecca : Thanks for dropping by. The duck egg kuey teow isnt any great either. We can get a better version definitely else where. I'm from sarawak or sibu to be precise. The land of kampua..wahhaha

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