Sunday, November 28, 2010

Westports KL Dragons VS Air Asia Philippine Patriots - 96 VS 81

 The Dragons started off the game like a fire cracker, the boys were making nearly every baskets and force the visiting Air Asia Philippine Patriots to call for their first time out at 10-2. Our Pinoy import, Patrick Cabahug is a pure shooter he was hitting three points and fade away jump shots like nobody business. I must say I truly admire his down to earth on court performance. He never seems to get carry away and shows 100% professionalism. Patrick is now the most reliable points contributing machine in the team.

 When you are playing against a Pinoy side. You can almost certain that things on court will get physical. Few incidents occurred and thing turned ugly when a water bottle was thrown at one of the Patriots player from the fan. The Philippines take basketball as their pride. Their commitment on the game are undoubted.  The KL team were leading ever since the game tip-off. But the Patriots never gave up. Full court press from the Pinoy forced a lot of unwanted mistakes by the KL sides. The Dragons were even having the difficulty to move forward with the ball to half court. The strategy proved spot on for the Philippines as they started to cut off the gap. An instant time out from coach Goh brought on Rudy and the Dragons were on the court again with double points guards. This ensure smoother flow of  the Dragons force and yes !!!!!!!!!!
We managed to nail the game @ 96 to 81. Well done, KL Dragons. More consistence plays like these will ensure us a spot in the play off and the chance is bright that we might even push for the champion trophy this year.


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