Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thanks God Its a Bloody Friday @ TGIF, Gardens Mid Valley

 Yes, it was a Friday indeed and we were at TGIF, Mid valley for Chia Yuan's birthday. This American food joint has always been flooded with foodies any days of the year. Rather similar to Chilis, TGIF served American style as well as tex-mex influence cuisine.

 Top left : Chicken, peppers & mushrooms @ RM27.90. As according to Liang & Louis, "It taste pretty good, but the portion shd have been bigger".

CY's Jack Daniel's Chicken + Shrimps @ RM36.90. 

Lindy's Sizzling chicken & cheese @ RM29.90.

Adelyn's Brownie Obssesion @ Rm13.90

Top both : My Jack Daniel Burger @ RM24.90. The Jack Daniel sauce provided is marvelous. A little to the sweet side but goes perfectly with the burger or even as a dip for the fries. I do not know if it is just a glamorous name or the real JD whiskey is the kick in the sauce. JD burger has meet all the fundamental of gourmet burger with its thick beef patties and fresh cut salads. The only drawback is their beef bacon, it has nothing similar to the real thing. Tough and taste like CNY dry meat. Something that you can skip if it can save you a couple bucks.

Bottom left : Kim's South west Maccaroni & cheese @Rm23.90

Elbrine's Chicken Finger BLT @ RM22.90

It seems TGIF has become the venue of the choice for birthday celebration. The good old Happy Birthday song flowing for at least six times during our mere three hours there. Their staffs do certainly have their own customized way to make the celebration a little memorable such as getting the birthday boy to stand on the chair for his birthday wish. Anyway, Happy Birthday CY aka B4.


melmonica said...

OMGosh so embarassed! Need to stand on the chair like that haha XP

suituapui said...

Arrrggghhhh!!! I was hoping to go to TGIF...but I forgot. Hmmm...must remember next trip to KL!

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