Friday, October 29, 2010

Queen Victoria Market @ Melbourne

Queen Victoria Market is one of the iconic tourism spot of Melbourne. This huge market is a not to be missed for tourist to experience a true Australian Market. Queen Vic Market is a melting pot of Australian diverse culture, a day to day market of Melbournian for centuries. This is where the local folks getting their daily needs.  I reckon Queen Vic as the borough market of southern hemisphere. The market has a wide range of varieties to offer, clothes, souvenirs, fresh vegs/fruits, delis and a food court.  

Im overwhelming with the Delis section. It carries Austalian's multiculture at its best. Being an immigration country with long firm history, Australia has one of the most exciting culinary scene the world has to offer. The Italians, Germans, Turkishs, Greeks, Lebaneses, Chineses, Japaneses have all settling down and implementing their culinary background without forgetting their foot.

Wide selection of gourmet cheese. Fresh and exotic. Heaven of the cheese addicts.

Freshly bake breads with decent price.

 Gourmet Pies and sausage rolls. Sadly, there isnt any Kangaroo steak pie though.

Fresh south OZ oysters @ AUD10. A steal and can be swallow on the spot is you wish.

 The zucchini patties and lamb & onion Börek/Burek. (Bread version)
 The three cheeses Börek/Burek. (Crispy version)

 Queen Vic Market is accessible by this free city-cycle old school tram.It is a very thoughtful idea of Melbourne board of tourism to transport the tourists around Mel CBD with both selected tram and shuttle for free. Good on ya 'Mate


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