Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A "Balless" Glutton in Queenstown

People regards Queenstown as one of the most commercialized tourism spot of New Zealand. Nevertheless, she is in deed one of the prettiest township of its size on earth. Queenstown is well-known as the capital of those adrenaline rush, adventurous sports. It is the home town of the aborigine bungy jump @ Kawarau Bridge. Thus, a heaven for those who willing to push extreme to its limit.
 As for a glutton like me who does not have balls to put my life into any form of adventure, Queenstown does have another attraction to me. The street foods, that is. There are a few legendary must-try and Ferg Burger is on top of the list. Ferg Burger started as a back alley stall and it has become a must do to many people who is visiting Queenstown. I reckon they would have the same recognition even if there is franchise elsewhere, but sadly they decided to only stay at where its began.

 The Big AL @ NZD16.50 has a double serving of NZ Beef (1/2lb), lashings of bacon, 2 eggs, melted cheese, salads, and my favourite burger/sandwich complement beetroot and Aioli sauce. Taste wise, trust me this picture does not do Big AL any justice at alllll. A level above Burger Fuel's Wagyu Beef Burger.

 If you feel like you still have spare room for more. Then head to the lakeside fish&chips stall. The catch of the day was Orange Roughy. Equally great as the one I had in Whitianga. Except this one is a little pricey @ NZD12.

They also served decent "Kiwi only" Paua (abalone to the Maori) pattie. @ NZD6.

 As for the dessert, it is none other than the Patagonia Ice Cream. We ordered six flavours to share. These sweeties are priced @ NZD6.50 each two scoops.

 I rated their Hot Chocolate as the best I ever try. Smooth yet creamy with those little touch of chocolaty flake. Sinfully heavenly and very addictive. Will be a crave for some very long time. It goes @ NZD6.50 for a large. 

The Patagonia is a chocolate themed cafe. You can expect a lot of choco touch in their dessert. If you are a chocolate lover this is definitely the final destination. 

Both Ferg Burger and the Patagonia have earned their cult figure in Queenstown culinary scene. These are perhaps rather high end street food but worth a try to complete a 100% Qtown experience plus a jump rom the 43m Kawarau Bridge ^^

A part from these, I get the chance to order a half KG NZ steak for NZD15 at a random Qtown bar. Which I think is a steal of the whole trip.


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