Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anzac Day Dawn Service @ Motueka Memorial Park 25 April

Anzac (Australia & New Zealand Army Corps) Day falls on the 25 April and it is unfortunately a Sunday and without a replacement public holiday. Anzac day is the national remembrance day in the honours of army who fought in wars. I was able to make up with the Anzac Day Dawn Service in Motueka Memorial Park.

Artificial poppies, a symbol of remembrance by the R.S.A.

The R.S.A was kind enough to serve Fish & Chips as breakfast for everyone who attended the memorial service. It was just right on my spot as I had been craving for fish & chips over the week and most of all these are free and free flow.....

Free flow beer as well....good on you R.S.A..cheers

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Affair with a Hot Mama in Motueka, New Zealand

Hot Mama's Cafe and Bar is claimed to be the oldest eatery in Motueka. Established in 1991, it is certainly the most well known of its kind in this little town of New Zealand. This is partly due to its status of been covered in Lonely Planet.

Chicken Panini @ NZD10.

The signature Hot Mama's Pizza with Jalapenos. @ NZD17 

Bombay Chicken Pizza of banana, apricot and yogurt. Pretty acquire for a pizza but taste rather dull really.

For the glutton, the meat lovers. A mix of bacon, hams, chorizos, peperoni. @ NZ17

Frame grilled chicken burger with their shoestring fries. @ NZD16

Chili beef burger. Perhaps this is the only dish that worth for a return visit during lunch time. (Mind that they do serve different mains after 5) Flavorful thick beef patty and fresh salad providing that needed kick of a genuine burger.  @ NZD16

The Falafel salad with Feta cheese. Falafel is usually made of ground chickpeas and is typically common among the middle east or Mediterranean. And the Hot Mama's version claimed to be Greek. 

I would enjoy the great company more than the food itself really.

Monday, April 05, 2010

The Best of New Zealand

What I reckon you should enjoy to the fullest when you are in New Zealand.

The very best full cream fresh milk which got me extra 10 KG in England. And they have the equally good in NZ too. Sinfully delicious.

You can pretty much assume that awesome milk comes with great cheese too.

The NZ ice cream are milky creamy and a twist of fruity Boysenberry will send you near to orgasm.

Super fresh tomatoes, apple cucumbers, apples, kiwi.......thanks to the Kiwi's rich agri, horticulture.

NZ produces some of the finest, prime quality lamb in the world. The excellence of the quality makes my cooking taste like Gordon Ramsay's version.

The salmon here are very reasonably priced that you can have salmon pasta everyday.

I never appreciate the English pie during my England days. Up till I went back to Malaysia that I realized a preparation of a fine pie is a form of kitchen art too. And NZ pie is one of those snacks that I frequent every now and then.

Potato chips/crisps in NZ are very cheap and come with the best quality for junk food. Well..I reckon at least.

Have you ever see a Stingray fin which is a finger's thick ? This sea monster taste like chicken though. Its lack the tenderness of what we usually get back home in Malaysia.

And of course, the best sky view from the land of the long cloud. Happy Easter.

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