Saturday, January 22, 2011

Seafood @ Pulau Ketam

We went over to Pulau Ketam(Crab Island) today as our friend, Lard who is on his ASEAN go-around is stopping over in Malaysia. Pulau Ketam is 35 mins away from Port Klang on speed boat. It is a fishing village whereby seafood is the main and only attraction perhaps to the tourist. We picked one of this restaurant which have the most eaters to enjoy our seafood feast. I just realized that I dont even know what the restaurant's name was. One landmark to this restaurant is the "lala Jing" / Oysters Fried Egg stall in front. Priced @ RM10.00 a plate, it wasn't the best I ever have and it is certainly not the worst.

Well, it wasn't really a seafood feast anyway. We have no crabs neither fishes just to save a bit on our budget. Dishes that we ordered were "lala soup" which was strongly indulged by Chinese Wine, sweet & spicy mantis prawn, deep fried squids that everyone thought was very good, a plate of greens that I did not bother to capture any photo. And........

This giant sized - bamboo shell. I thought it was over-sized that it certainly affecting my appetite.

 The lunch costs RM92.00 for the 4 of ours. Acceptable for a tourism island's standard. I thought Pulau Ketam is pretty use out. It certainly past its fame. Today was my first visit here and I didn't have the best impression. Pulau Ketam which once known as an island for stray dogs is now more like a garbage island. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chicking Fried Chicken @ Tropicana City Mall

ChicKing is yet another fried chicken option after KFC and POPEYE. They recently established their first Malaysian chain in Tropicana City mall.

Chicking portrait themselves as a product of UAE. One thing for sure, their marketing plan is targeting halal market particularly the Muslim countries.

 3 pieces dish, with two side dishes and a soft drink goes at RM12.00. I enjoy both the mashed potatoes and coleslaw. I rated those higher than the KFCs.

 I ordered myself 2 spicy and an original. I found the chicken to be less oily with almost nil skin and dry. Perhaps over-fried. Not a pleasant dining experience really. A lot of chewing needed even on the suppose-to -be-tender thigh. I still prefer my fried chicken to be oily and sinful.
 Chicking is giving out free mini wrap on the purchase of every main meal. One and only valid point from me on Chicken King is, you don't pay for government tax neither service charge.

Happy Thaipusam !!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

China Town Seng Kee - Claypot Lou Shu Fan

 Claypot Lou Shu Fan (Rat tail noodles) is relatively sought after in this side of the world. Seng Kee, off China Town Petaling street is one of the establish restaurant for the said dish. Do not expect eatery like this to score points on hygiene and ambiance. It is what they serve that matters.
Overflow mince meats, pork livers, shrimps, a raw egg on top, all these goodness in an old school Claypot.  Mixed and tossed it all together, the raw egg cooks from the refrained heat of the Claypot. It provide double pleasure tickling to both your taste bud and eyesight. I find this version to be a form of culinary art. A reflection of Malaysian Chinese street food culture. Priced @ RM8.00, it is very reasonable judging at the generousity of the ingredients.
Siew yoke mien (Roast pork noodles), is another signature of their business. I'm not trying to be skeptical, this one just does not impress me. It is edible, not to the extend of "amazing". Especially when you are paying RM10.00 for a plate. You will expect some form of satisfaction. It is just roast pork fried with garlic to a level of crispness.The noodles are tossed with dark soy sauce and lard oil. RM6.00 is the maximum I'm willing to pay for this dish. Perhaps as a Sarawakian, we tend to place Kampua and Kolo Mee as the king and queen of "tossed noodles". No replacement can even be closed enough to be as good.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Golden 2011

Happy new year 2011 !! This is gonna be my first post in the year 2011. I'm going to make it freestyle. So random, with no theme. The fact that I'm uploading a picture of butter crabs have nothing to do with what I'm going to write about. 

First of all, kudos to the Malaysian football team for bringing home the Suzuki cup. It was the first senior title after the 1989 SEA game gold medals. The Harimau Malaya is truly the king of ASEAN football in 2010 as we emerged champion as well on the earlier SEA game in Laos, an under-23 event.  

Lets hope the Westport KL Dragons is going to go strong as well to secure their first ABL title. Releasing of Hartman can be pretty sad. If it is for good of the team, it is most welcome. New adding, Justin Leith seems to be a tough player. That is exactly what we need. We need to add that bit of depth in the paint, we need to be rough and nasty. Lets hope that Nakaie and Justin combination can release more shooting chances  to Patrick, Rudy and Guga from 3 points range. Is Justin Leith the answer ? We shall wait till the next game.

With the Christmas and New Year celebration ceased to memory, the next anticipated big time is the Chinese New Year. I finally bought my flight ticket. To avoid Air Asia burning a hole on my wallet, I need to transit in Kuching instead of direct flight to Sibu. And I need to leave my home town on the second day of CNY to save a couple hundred bucks. But I'll be back as earlier as 27th Jan, that shall pretty much ease the sorrow.

And finally I wish everyone to have a prosperous 2011 as golden as the butter crabs. Be it in wealth, health, career, academically and relationship wise.

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