Friday, August 13, 2010

The Whisper of Aotearoa

The evil side of me tends to complain that New Zealand does not have much to offer apart from their naturally gifted  landscape and their extreme crazy interest on adrenaline rush sports . Always. Even after half a year in the land of the long white cloud. The pakeha "the non-indigenous" of New Zealand  namely the European has dominated big part of their presented culture. Dunedin as a Scottish town,  Christchurch as a English town, and there is this French town in the North island. Needless to mention the Asian conquered Auckland. Fair enough that New Zealand is a migration country. 

John Key and the crew emphasized on not to lose the genuine identity of the Maori culture every now and then. But I guess Rotorua is the only place that you don't feel like you are just in another English town. Forgive me for not being traveling enough, to see enough to make the judgement. I hope New Zealand can prove me wrong at the later stage of my journey.


suituapui said...

It's "ang moh" place...what to expect? Maybe you should go to the Fiji Islands...perhaps more cultural there...

Elizabeth said...

may i post your maori photo and blog on my fb page? i only ask because i am from the u.s.a., and have just moved here to New Z, so it will help to educate my family back home. Thank you.

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