Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Korean Pancake Auckland

"Corner pancake" is a little Korean pancake hut which is so synonym to downtown Aucklanders. Heaps of people are queuing for their pancake everyday. The lunch time crowd particular can be insane as the whole corridor will be lined up by people waiting for their pancake. Their customers are mostly office workers, students and curious tourists attracted by the queue.    

 It is this brilliant business minded idea that transform a rather simple pancake into various flavours. They have the savoury version of beef, chicken and pork with or without cheese as well as the sweet one such as red beans, chocolate and sweet. The price varies from NZD2 to NZD3. It forms a rather economic quick lunch. 

This is how their pancake will look like except with a bite from me ^^. I have tried chicken and cheese(NZD3), pork (NZD2.50), red bean (NZD2.50) and beef cheese (NZD2.50). I find beef cheese to be their best. The filling are flavourful. While the combination of the melted cheese and crispy dough reminds me of thin crust Pizza.

 Newspaper coverage often bring in curious potential customers. They are another fine example of successful story in the culinary world. It shows that with a little bit of twist and turn, anything can be a great business idea. There is no restriction nor limitation. We are only limited by our own imagination.



suituapui said...

Nice and cheap... My! Looking at your photo, no one would guess it's in NZ. Could be any place in temperate Asia.

Charles said...

yes indeed. Auckland is such a city that conquered by Asian...perhaps yet another city..i shd say ahahahaha

Ila said...

I loved this pancakes during my stay in NZ and was there every day! Melted cinnamon and sugar inside, OMG!!!

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