Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aging ?? Chill Out !!!

At the age of 28, I felt so insecure with what I'm doing now. I, for once used to wish that travelling can form a major part of my life style. I, for once wished that I can backpack through different nations for months. That was the reason why I took up working holiday in New Zealand.

Often now and then, the sense of insecureness strike me. Left me doubting what I'm doing and I no longer enjoy what I'm doing. I feel like this is perhaps the time to really settle down, to kick off my career, to have a stable relationship. Is that the sense of ealier mid-life crisis ?

I do not know. Was chatting to a friend, she commented that I'm doing what most working professions miss the most to "enjoy life". Yet my heart is so not with what I'm praticing right now. I guess I just need to enjoy what I'm doing and leave the future to the future.


suituapui said...

28? About time to settle down with a decent job, start a decent family and live a decent life... This going out to see the world, looking for oneself...searching for one's soul is more for people much younger.

Charles said...

True enough...I really need to kick start now.

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