Friday, August 20, 2010

Haera Mai @ Nando's NZ

If my memory served me right, Nando's was one of the restaurant that I frequent back in Sunderland. Nando's isn't any particularly new to Malaysian. As their outlets are serving Malaysian in almost every shopping mall back home. In Auckland, I noticed two so far. One right in the CBD (Central Business District) while the other in the highly fashionable Newmarket.

As far as fast food chain concern, this South African chain are meant to be serving healthier food with their frame-grilled chicken instead of KFC's deep fried. But I guess by choosing peri-peri chips and a 600ml Coke as sides does not do your health any favour. A half chicken Grande meal is priced @ NZD16.90.

You get a New Zealand Natural ice cream of your choice for NZD2(Usually NZD3.50) by ordering any Grande meal. I just can't have enough oof cookies and cream. This one served dark chocolate cookies which goes perfectly with the rather sweet vanilla ice cream.

The Nando's is famous for their peri-peri sauce ranges. They are selling it in most of the major supermarkets. They claimed it to be addictive. But I reckon good old Maggi chilli sauce or even any sweet thai chilli suace can easily beat the hell out.

I came across this later on during the day when I was doing my grocery shopping in one of this Asian mart. "STINK" is the word. Our beloved "Belacan" have been placed together with "stinky taofu" as the smelly one. Hmm............"Kangkong Belacan" if only I can have it here......


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