Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Instant Obssesion. How about Cheese on instant noodles ?

Instant noodles have been my best travel companion especially when I'm on a really tight budget. More often, it is due to the laziness to cook that drive me craving for a pack or two. There are so many brands and range of flavours to choose from. But at time, plain instant noodles without any add-on can be as dull as dishwater. Perhaps 2 frankfurters will make your day.

Cheese is such a magical complement that it literally works on anything. Cheese on instant noodles is my latest obssesion. It is just that simple by adding a piece of the goodness on top and let it melt through the heat of the pipping hot soup. The cheese create those creamy texture that will twsit your instant dining experience towards a more interesting one. Somes claim it works best on te Korean shin-spicy noodles.

And of course, instant noodles are so durable that you can be as creative as possible. Only your immagination is the limitation. It can be served economically as well as a fine dining experience. Therefore, I reckon instant noodle is the greatest invention of the fast food history.

Ps : Please do not remind me that this is not the heathiest food on earth yo.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Burger Fuel @ New Zealand. My virgin experience of the Geisha massaged Wagyu

I had this doubt in my mind if I should try out Burger Fuel, a rather high end burger chain here in New Zealand. Since I'm leaving Auckland and I may not coming back to this country any soon either in the future. Considering that this can be my only chance to try out their gourmet burger. Finally, my gluttony convinced me that I should pay this proud Kiwi owned burger chain a visit.

After a glance at their menu, I realized that they are certainly not selling it cheap. Again, I was hesitating if I should just go normal with their NZD8.90 ranges or should I go straight with their most wallet burning "Wagyu with cheese" @ NZD14.90.

And guess what my final call is ?? Yes, the notorious Wagyu burger. You don't certainly get to try Wagyu very often. Especially not in a burger chain. I heard so much about the "infamous" texture of the meat and its legendary status among it owns breed. That it is the inspiration to the fine Angus. Burger Fuel have this very catchy creative advertisement on their Wagyu range, they claimed the good grief to be massaged by Japanese Geisha, listening to classical music and beerfed. LOL ^_^

I did not rise my hope high as I know that burger patty often don't do fine meat any justice. Plus, this is my virgin taste of Wagyu. I did not have comparison or whatsoever. But one thing for sure, this is a damn nice burger, well above average with its very tasty relish and Aioli sauce. The fully sesame-seed bun complement the meat rather well. The size are very decent too slightly bigger than the BK's Whopper. It does actually makes me craving for more.

I know, ones might be doubting the authenticity of this Wagyu as the real deal can be rather expensive. My research shows that Burger Fuel CEO Josef Roberts claimed it was able to sell the "100 per cent wagyu" meat much cheaper because it had a deal with Australian suppliers for a limited time.  I guess this some how ease my doubt and it may be just a lower grade and low cuts of the beef.

Burger Fuel's spud fries @ NZD3.50 and NZD0.50 for the Aioli sauce. Spud fries is just another name for potato chips. A thick cut chips that I much enjoy as compare with the tiny little willy McD's french fries. The chips certainly goes well with the garlic indulgence Aioli sauce. 

I do not care how pure the Wagyu is. It is certainly one of the better burger experience I have. Total of NZD18.90 wasn't actually that expensive considering that a grand burger meal of Carl's Junior will cost pretty much the same in Malaysia after currency convertion.

And finally, the Enviro-Mental fair bid of Burger Fuel by turning their used oil into Bio-Diesel for their delivery vehicle. Cool ehhhh

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mrs Higgins Cookies @ Auckland - Better than Grandma used to bake

Mrs Higgins cookies are equally well known as the Korean pancake among CBD of Auckland. This small cookies stall located on Queens St is definitely one of the crowd puller. We used to buy their frozen cookies dough of supermarket and baked it ourselves but nothing is near the perfect 10 of the one baked fresh in stall.

Mrs Higgins specialty is her warm cookies fresh out from the oven. They have a great varieties of cookies. 20 delicious flavours as claimed on their website. Of those that I have tried are white chocolates, triple chocolates, peanut brownie, white chocolate macadamia.  Well, they do have muffins, shortbread and coffees which I tends to forget they are actually exist.

 Now what is so unique about their cookies ?? Your first bite leads you to comment that this is a damn crunchy cookies. And your second bite towards the center is the one that drive you to heaven. Yes, the center is indeed soft and chewy. Chewy as in you are having a piece of a firmer cake. I have never try cookies which are so consistently baked towards crunchy on the side and chewy on the center. Now, I wonder how the hell does Mrs Higgins do that? That must have been her secret recipe.

How I wish that somebody is going to bring their franchise over to Malaysia. If I have the cash, I would have.

This is my entry number101 since day one. Can't believe that I had accumulate 100 posts since.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Hell Pizza @ New Zealand. The quickest way to HELL.

Hell pizza is one of those food chain that gaining their fame through catchy theme and their controvesial advert.  Hell is a New Zealand based pizza chain which have since expanded to the Aussie land and as far as the UK and Canada. (Cited from wikipedia)

The theme of their restaurant are often of cemetery themed and flaming pattern sofa for customer's comfort. The chain that I went to even have this R.I.P (Rest In Peace) stone as their tilt machine. 

I ordered two 10 inches thin based pizza and hoping to receive it in their infamous coffin box. Only to realize that only the large 12.5 inches will be served in a coffin.

We were given dices in a set of five as a complementary gift. It turn up to be a game called Zilch. It works in a sense that each note on the dice represent a 100 points. A player rolling to 10,000 points exactly wins. As for me, it is just another souvenir from New Zealand.

Hell pizza adapted the seven deadly sins as the title of their standard pizza. Marvelous marketing strategy they have.  I opted for their gourmet range by having the "cursed" which is topped by ham, chicken, bacon, gherkins and honey mustard.

This is their "trouble" pizza make of salami, bacon, chicken, pineapple and camembert.  It is just a conversion of Hawaiian pizza with a fancier name. Rather disappointing indeed. All their 10 inches gourmet range are priced @ NZD10.5 and NZD17 for a large 12.5 inches.

All in all, it was more of the dining experience rather than their pizzas.

By the way, a 7.1 magnitude quake strucked Christchurch this morning. It was indeed a miracle itself that no life lost reported just yet considering that the shake had pretty much destroyed a large part of the central business district. God bless CCH.

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