Saturday, July 02, 2011

Officially 29 & Officially a Citizen

It is the second day of July, the second day into the 2nd half of 2011. And it is the second day of me being 29. Having to say that I will be 30 next year, I'm actually quiet anxious to enter the stage of 30s. 30 means a lot to a man. As the saying goes, a man's life starts at 30. I suppose you will be bound by so many responsibilities. You are demanded to have house, car and a life time partner by then. I'm nothing close to that yet. If I describe my 20s as full of excitement, adventures and discovery then the next chapter will have to be stability and the sense of security.    

I believe and hoping that I'm moving on the right path towards the chapter. A recap of the first half of 2011, I wasn't doing bad. I started to see some increment in my bank account as well as some saving. I'm glad with that.  And to reward myself, I got myself a Citizen Eco Drive Chronograph watch. With the original price at 4 figures, it certainly isn't cheap to my standard. I know there are heaps out there who spend 5 figures on a watch. As I was considering Seiko or Citizen at a budget of RM1k. I opted for Eco drive technology despite the strong commercial marketing that Seiko display on. Hopefully this babe is going to serve me some good time.

And to round it off my half a year recap, I will like to express my gratitude and thanks to all those that have celebrated my 29th birthday with me. Appreciated all the dinners, lunch, cakes and gifts. I'm so blessed to have you all !!!


Xjion89 said...

hihihi, 1st time dropping by^^
wow, u really willing to spend so much on a watch woh~~i hv my phone enuf oreyd..hahahah~

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