Sunday, September 19, 2010

Burger Fuel @ New Zealand. My virgin experience of the Geisha massaged Wagyu

I had this doubt in my mind if I should try out Burger Fuel, a rather high end burger chain here in New Zealand. Since I'm leaving Auckland and I may not coming back to this country any soon either in the future. Considering that this can be my only chance to try out their gourmet burger. Finally, my gluttony convinced me that I should pay this proud Kiwi owned burger chain a visit.

After a glance at their menu, I realized that they are certainly not selling it cheap. Again, I was hesitating if I should just go normal with their NZD8.90 ranges or should I go straight with their most wallet burning "Wagyu with cheese" @ NZD14.90.

And guess what my final call is ?? Yes, the notorious Wagyu burger. You don't certainly get to try Wagyu very often. Especially not in a burger chain. I heard so much about the "infamous" texture of the meat and its legendary status among it owns breed. That it is the inspiration to the fine Angus. Burger Fuel have this very catchy creative advertisement on their Wagyu range, they claimed the good grief to be massaged by Japanese Geisha, listening to classical music and beerfed. LOL ^_^

I did not rise my hope high as I know that burger patty often don't do fine meat any justice. Plus, this is my virgin taste of Wagyu. I did not have comparison or whatsoever. But one thing for sure, this is a damn nice burger, well above average with its very tasty relish and Aioli sauce. The fully sesame-seed bun complement the meat rather well. The size are very decent too slightly bigger than the BK's Whopper. It does actually makes me craving for more.

I know, ones might be doubting the authenticity of this Wagyu as the real deal can be rather expensive. My research shows that Burger Fuel CEO Josef Roberts claimed it was able to sell the "100 per cent wagyu" meat much cheaper because it had a deal with Australian suppliers for a limited time.  I guess this some how ease my doubt and it may be just a lower grade and low cuts of the beef.

Burger Fuel's spud fries @ NZD3.50 and NZD0.50 for the Aioli sauce. Spud fries is just another name for potato chips. A thick cut chips that I much enjoy as compare with the tiny little willy McD's french fries. The chips certainly goes well with the garlic indulgence Aioli sauce. 

I do not care how pure the Wagyu is. It is certainly one of the better burger experience I have. Total of NZD18.90 wasn't actually that expensive considering that a grand burger meal of Carl's Junior will cost pretty much the same in Malaysia after currency convertion.

And finally, the Enviro-Mental fair bid of Burger Fuel by turning their used oil into Bio-Diesel for their delivery vehicle. Cool ehhhh


suituapui said...

Looks so-so...and mighty expensive, even before conversion. I guess the test of the pudding is in the eating - must be really good. Not into burgers, so I think I'd just give it a pass...

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