Friday, September 17, 2010

Mrs Higgins Cookies @ Auckland - Better than Grandma used to bake

Mrs Higgins cookies are equally well known as the Korean pancake among CBD of Auckland. This small cookies stall located on Queens St is definitely one of the crowd puller. We used to buy their frozen cookies dough of supermarket and baked it ourselves but nothing is near the perfect 10 of the one baked fresh in stall.

Mrs Higgins specialty is her warm cookies fresh out from the oven. They have a great varieties of cookies. 20 delicious flavours as claimed on their website. Of those that I have tried are white chocolates, triple chocolates, peanut brownie, white chocolate macadamia.  Well, they do have muffins, shortbread and coffees which I tends to forget they are actually exist.

 Now what is so unique about their cookies ?? Your first bite leads you to comment that this is a damn crunchy cookies. And your second bite towards the center is the one that drive you to heaven. Yes, the center is indeed soft and chewy. Chewy as in you are having a piece of a firmer cake. I have never try cookies which are so consistently baked towards crunchy on the side and chewy on the center. Now, I wonder how the hell does Mrs Higgins do that? That must have been her secret recipe.

How I wish that somebody is going to bring their franchise over to Malaysia. If I have the cash, I would have.

This is my entry number101 since day one. Can't believe that I had accumulate 100 posts since.


suituapui said...

Happy 101st post! I can't remember seeing this at Queen Street when I was in Auckland... Maybe I did not pay much attention as I'm not a fan - only into Scottish shortbread and Danish butter cookies...

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